Seagull Explains Why Overwatch League Players Avoid Saying "GOATS" |


Overwatch supporters have a cynical theory about why the term "GOATS" was missing from OWL pitchers in the first weekend of the championship, but Seagull has an innocent explanation.

GOATS is the nickname for the current composition of the meta-team of three tanks and three supporting heroes. He was named after a team of Contenders who popularized the strategy.

Some fans and players are unhappy with the current GOATS meta because there is less room for solo pieces featuring DPS characters like Widowmaker, McCree and Tracer, as well as a lack of variety and markers.

The controversial nature of GOATS has led Overwatch fans to believe that casters were given specific instructions to avoid using this term because, even though GOATS was being watched all week in competition, it was rarely mentioned by name.

Brandon 'Seagull' Larned, former pro of the Overwatch League, explains much more simply why GOATS has not been announced.

"Here's why they do not say it," Seagull began. "Because if a new player comes in and hears GOATS, is it like wtf is GOATS?"

The term GOATS is not at all related to the characters used in the composition, unlike PharMercy or Quad Tanks, which could be confusing to viewers who are just entering the OWL language.

"[Casters] are definitely allowed to say [GOATS]It makes no sense to say that because the OWL has so many new viewers, "concluded Seagull.

"Come on, stop bothering us" – Brigitte, probably.

Blizzard is aware of the equilibrium issues of GOATS becoming an obsolete meta and trying to change things.

The effectiveness of the armor has been reduced in all areas and Brigitte, the key element of GOATS, has also received some nerves.

Tank destroyers such as Reaper have received significant improvements in their attempt to counter, but so far this has not been enough, GOATS still reigns supreme in the first week of the OWL competition.

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