‘SEAL Team’ Recap: Season 4 Premiere – Who Left Team Bravo?

The following contains major spoilers from The SEAL teamSeason 4 premiere of the double episode.

“There is a lot this threatens the Bravo team as we know them, and when they get through those first two episodes, audiences will be surprised what Bravo looks like.

These words of The SEAL team Executive producer Spencer Hudnut came out very true when the XL season opened on Wednesday night, as Bravo Team and their extended HAVOC family faced no less than four big changes.

New owner RAY (played by Neil Brown Jr.), for his part, is heading into warrant officer training, having made the cut for the coveted, salary-increasing promotion (and in plain English since Clay mistook the fall for Marsden’s letter ). MANDY (Jessica Paré), coming off the last deployment (in which she tragically lost another asset), revealed to Jason that she had decided that she had in fact served her share of time; it can no longer continue to “advance”. CERBERUS (Dita) was stuck with Jason in the midst of enemy fighters for a painful time, and though he eventually came out “off duty,” the feeling is that the brave canine has more than earned a living from a civilian doggo.

And then there is JASON (David Boreanaz) himself, who at the end of the premiere told the extended team that he was stepping down as operator.

Mandy’s decision did not come Completed surprise, given a recent report that Paré, an original cast member, was not returning as a series regular for season 4 (which due to COVID interruptus is technically ongoing next the week). Still, many fans were upset by the loss of the CIA-savvy veterinarian – in part because of his undeniable and growing connection to Bravo 1.

SEAL Team Mandy leaves“Look, we’re all sad to see Mandy go,” executive producer Spencer Hudnut told TVLine. And while the EP acknowledges that, due to the way Season 3 was cut short, ” made It felt like we were putting together something “between Mandy and Jason,” One of the things about this show is that we really strive to honor the experiences of our service members. And dramatizing the fight, the trauma, all the emotional stress there need be consequences.

“Losing one IC in Venezuela, then losing another in Afghanistan… it took its toll on Mandy,” says Hudnut. “The choice she made was brave, realizing like Jason that this job has cost her so much, and she has the opportunity to break up and find a life for herself. As you can see in the moment, it’s a really tough choice for Mandy, and a choice that maybe a day later she might not have made. But then, she found the strength to walk away.

Good that she at walked away, that doesn’t mean viewers saw the last character. “There are many ways to close a character’s door, and the door is always open for her,” says Hudnut. “Mandy will be seen again in season 4. ”In fact, Pare – whom Hudnut hails as“ one of my favorite people I’ve worked with ”- will direct an episode later this season.

“I get disappointment from people, and she and Jason have such a clear connection,” the EP notes. “But this connection influences what Jason decides later in the episode. “


Ah yes, Jason’s decision. It was not a small person either! “War has been my refuge for too long, and I’m done,” he shared with everyone at the back of the bar. “It’s time for Bravo 1 to step back from exploitation and find a life for Jason Hayes.”

The next episode of Season 4 (airing December 9) will not lead directly to this important series of decisions, departures and hijackings, but “picks up a bit later, where everyone is settled into their new lives,” says Hudnut. .

But what is going on The SEAL team how a show looks, if Jason is not having a good fight? “At the start of Season 3, he re-enlisted for a few more years, so you can’t just walk away,” recalls Hudnut. “He’s still in the Navy, so he has to find a new way to ‘burn’ his enlistment. And the struggle for him will be: does it bring him a sense of satisfaction like the operation does?

Said another way: “He’s a character who’s really evolved to realize he has to put himself first. He’s a more balanced Jason Hayes than anything we’ve seen in the past. But can he maintain this balance without Bravo Team? He’s really going to be “all the way” trying to have a life, but circumstances might not allow that to happen.

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