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At an appearance Thursday on PFT LiveRams' head coach Sean McVay joked that he had gone from "marveled boy" to "men's blunder" as a result of the 13-3 loss of the team against the Patriots at Super Bowl LIII. to do on this game in Atlanta.

One of the main things he talked about during the show was setting up a "best emergency plan". As discussed, the Patriots' defense gave the Rams different looks than most expected and McVay lamented his inability to prepare the team's players for such a turn of events.

McVay cited the fifth game of the game as an excellent example. It was an exciting game against a quarterback who saw Brandin Cooks "lean" into a space left vacant by safety in the same way as his touchdown almost in the second half. Jason McCourty broke a pass a bit late in the last game, but McVay said he thought the first could have been a better look.

McVay himself is criticized for not preparing Jared Goff, who threw an incomplete, at that look and said that he thought the game could have sent the game in another direction.

"If you're able to hit that and make them pay, then I think it forces them to make adjustments," McVay said. "We never really had to pay for it, so they were able to play that consistent front structure, that coverage structure on the tracks and the normal distances, and then they really were able to dictate it, contrary to what we wanted to do it offensively. "

McVay said he felt he had not managed to put the players in a position to "own" their work against the Patriots and that he will work to make it more efficient. once the team will be on the field again to defend their country. NFC title.

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