See Wayne Simmonds Predators jersey, it's weird


How ridiculous is the Bryce Harper saga? Even the Eagles' social media team is starting to make fun of the most infamous source of MLB activity on Twitter.

Heyman, a respected member of the MLB's media community, has been particularly seduced by the Eagles through his non-stop publications on the free MLB agency, which do not seem to advance the story or provide new information.

In fact, each of his tweets is now confronted with memos and replies making fun of it.

It is however always the latest news and was at the forefront of the Manny Machado, Bryce Harper beat. However, the time these two megastars took to make their decision harms Heyman's weight on Twitter. Or, does Heyman hurt himself by posting so many updates that go nowhere?

Anyway, the Eagles social media team probably came up with this idea. She asked someone if she thought it was funny and said, "Of course, why not publish it?"

This is another reminder of the level of madness that this MLB season has reached. Fortunately, the Phillies will play a real baseball game Friday and NBC Sports Philadelphia + will air its first broadcast of spring this Saturday.

For the moment, we continue to wait.

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