Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fighting tips


Sekiro may be the latest FromSoftware game, but you will not be able to rely on everything you've learned from Dark Souls and Bloodborne here.

This game is much faster, you have less crutches – no leveling or summoning – and you can use stealth to get a benefit early in the fight. Here are some tips for being a badass ninja.

Being aggressive

Dark Souls teaches players to hold back and wait for the opportunity to hit. There is a bit of that here. But brute force and timing are the best way to break through an enemy. If you want to reduce the posture of a chef, you have to keep up. Keep attacking and make sure your blocks land with their keystrokes. Attack, attack, block, block, attack – find the rhythm that suits the game and settle in.

Learn how to avoid different attacks

If a kanji appears over the enemy, it means that he is about to make an irreproachable attack. These occur in three forms: pushes, sweeps and catches. To win, you must avoid. Flares must be bypassed or countered with a releasable movement called the Mikiri Counter. It will ask you to tap on the dodge at the stop while the thrust comes in, thus allowing you to trample the spear. For scans, you must jump over them. If you jump over a sweep, be sure to jump from the enemy with another jump shot in the air to cause big damage to the posture.

Use furtively to chew difficult encounters

Most of the time, you can refine the ranks before entering into combat. Use corner caches, perches and vegetation to sneak in unnoticed. Even many game minibosses can be stealthily attacked, which will instantly reduce one of their life bars, making the next fight half more difficult.

Do not be afraid to run away

Sometimes we get kicked – it's a fact of life. Fortunately, the grapple often allows you to escape and recover. There is nothing wrong with fleeing a lost battle, coming back and showing them who the boss is. You are a ninja after all and you have to kill ingeniously.

The fixing of the ax is damn good

Once you have the ax for your prosthetic arm, there is really no reason to remove it. Not only can it pierce the shields, but it's a large-scale attack, handy for hitting the minibosses in the back and removing a lot of the damage caused by the posture – abuse as much as you can.

Listen to the enemy

Eavesdropping is a new mechanic in Sekiro. If you approach an enemy with something interesting to say while you are stealthy, you will have the opportunity to listen. Be careful and they may just give a tip or two to defeat an upcoming enemy.

In fact, learn skills

It's easy to overlook the skill menu because Sekiro does not have a traditional upgrade system, but there's a lot more to it than the Mikiri counter that will help you fight. The Whirlwind Slash and Palm Strikes are part of my personal favorites. Check out our Sekiro Best Skills Guide to see which ones you should buy.

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