Sekiro Shinobi prosthetic guide: Where to find the firecrackers early


Swordplay is an important part of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but the equally important use of your other special weapon, the Shinobi prosthesis, is just as important. The special prosthetic arm is what allows you to use a grapple to reach difficult places. It also supports a different set of weapons, similar to the ones you can find in other games From Software, Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

The fact is that you can not buy most Shinobi prostheses in a store – they are scattered all over the world in Sekiro and it's easy to miss them during work. Especially at the beginning of the game, prosthetics can be very helpful in defeating bosses and mini-bosses who might otherwise complain about you. It is important to attack the first ones as soon as you can, so as to prepare yourself when you face the worst enemies.

The Firecrackers prosthesis is extremely practical for some of the first bosses you will encounter, including the Gyoubu horse and the Blazing Bull. If you're not careful, you will not find a place to get the firecrackers before after the battle with Gyoubu, which puts you at a disadvantage.

All you need to do to find the Firecrackers prosthesis as soon as possible will help you deal with them. You must also make sure to grab the Flame Wind and Shinobi Ax while you are there. These are essential prosthetics at the beginning of the game, and Flame Vent can help you defeat the boss Chained Ogre. While you're there, you might want to check out our Sekiro review: Shadows Die Twice and our recap on how death works and how to cure Dragonrot.

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Head to Ashina Outskirts

Merchants called the memorial crowd are scattered throughout the Sekiro. You will find them in places frequented by many dead (which is practically everywhere in Ashina), in tents, where you can sell various objects. These include your basic consumables, such as medicinal granules, as well as occasional key items, such as firecrackers.

The first Memorial Mob trader you can find is in the suburban area of ​​Ashina, specifically in the suburban wall area – the gateway. You are looking for the part of the area that follows the samurai's middle leader. In the next area you will find enemies on patrol and a few people to talk to: a woman who will think you are her son and her current son who wants you to help him.

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Find the stone tower

From the destroyed house with the woman, keep moving around the area until you hit a door with stairs up. At the top is an enemy who will fire a cannon your way. Look left before the door and you should see a place where you can grab yourself.

This is the stone tower you are looking for. Continue climbing up, looking up to the left to find more places to tackle. After a few swings, you reach the summit, where you will find the Memorial Mob merchant you are hunting.

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Pass your 500 Sen

The Memorial Mob guy has an article called Robert 's Firecrackers, and that' s the article you are looking at buying him. It will cost you 500 sen, so you may need to save money – try to buy light handbags if you stay alive because money in your pocket can not be lost when you die. Once you have the means to buy the firecrackers, go to the sculptor to have the firecrackers loaded to your Shinobi prosthesis attached. Ideal for entertaining enemies and interrupting their animations, it is particularly effective against animals.

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