September 30, 2018 || Dsssb mcd prt Discussion on Part 1 #trending #dsssb


September 30, 2018 || Dsssb mcd prt Discussion on Part 1 #trending #dsssb

General awareness solution || Exam DSSSB PRT (30/09/2018) Discussion By all exams


AlL's admiral of the fleet is a senior naval officer of the Indian Navy. It is an honorary rank, reserved for war or ceremony appointments. Until now, no Indian Navy officer has received this rank.

?The ozone layer (which absorbs between 200 nm and 310 nm) is very effective at removing UV-B

MajorityThe vast majority of known asteroids orbit in the main asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The orbits come in different forms. All orbits are elliptical, which means they are an ellipse, similar to an oval. For the planets, the orbits are almost circular.

Rivers Peninsular Rivers
4 rivers with western flow – Sabarmati, Mahi, Narmada and Tapti and

4 East Current Rivers – Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery.

ProcessThe process of making food in plants called photosynthesis and the synthesized food is stored as carbohydrates (glucose as well as starch).

FallsThe Hundru Falls is a waterfall located in the Ranchi District in the Indian state of Jharkhand (Chhota Nagpur Plateau).

ClNucleus is the central organelle of the cell that encloses DNA. Outside the nucleus, there are few other organelles that have their own DNA. Mitochondria, the energy center of the cell, have their own DNA. Chloroplasts in plant cells have their own DNA.

Ers Grampanchayat members are elected by the villagers for a period of five years. An adult aged 21 and over has the right to participate in the election.

PillThe Iron Pillar of Delhi is a 7m tall kirti stambha, originally erected and dedicated as dhvaja to the lord of the Hindu deity Vishnu, from the 3rd to the 4th century AD, by King Chandragupta II, currently standing in the Qutb complex of Mehrauli in Delhi.

KSanskrit Ramayan was written by Valmiki.

? Ozone depleting substances (ODS) controlled by the Montreal Protocol include:
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), methyl chloroform (CH3CCl3)
Hydrobromofluorocarbons (HBFC)
Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)
Methyl bromide (CH3Br)
Bromochloromethane (CH2BrCl)

VegetationThe vegetation of high altitudes are mountain forests.

The planet with the largest number of moons in the solar system is Jupiter, with a total of 63 confirmed moons (in 2009). Of course, it is still possible for more moons to be discovered in orbit around Jupiter, and that number will increase.

IverLiver is the largest gland of the human body. It is also the largest (internal) organ of our body and can weigh up to 1.5 kg for a human adult.

WeekWildlife Week is celebrated throughout the country in October from October 2 to 8 each year for the purpose of preserving wildlife, that is, the animal life of the island. 39; India.

ParkPeriyar National Park, also known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, is found in the western Ghats Mountains of Kerala, south of India. This wildlife reserve is home to tigers and a large population of elephants, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards and Indian bison.