“Serge Ibaka blames Marc Gasol”: NBA reporter reveals how the Raptors tried to scroll through the Clippers’ center to keep the Lakers big man


An NBA reporter says Serge Ibaka resents Marc Gasol and attributes his departure from the Toronto Raptors to Gasol.

The Raptors have struggled to get started this 2020-21 NBA season. They are currently ranked 29e on offense while still posting a 1-5 record heading into their game against the Phoenix Suns tonight.

The Raptors have had to adjust the most this season as they weren’t allowed to play in Toronto due to COVID restrictions. They are therefore now located in Tampa Bay.

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The Toronto Raptors also don’t seem to have had a particularly strong offseason. The only bright spot that came out was the re-signing of swingman OG Anunoby. Other than that, they ditched Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol and tried to replace them with Aron Byanes, which is clearly not working.

Serge Ibaka wanted to stay in Toronto but couldn’t because of Marc Gasol

Sportsnet’s Michael Grange reports that Ibaka wanted to return to Toronto, but only for a year. However, due to the Raptors’ desire to keep Marc Gasol, this couldn’t happen. Grange said,

“The Raptors’ first offer was around $ 12 million for this season and it was below what he expected. As Toronto hit $ 14 million, they were still trying to keep some dry powder to sue Gasol.

“It didn’t go well with Ibaka who didn’t like having to play behind the Spain international and wasn’t going to sign again for a shared role. Ibaka quickly turned to the Los Angeles Clippers and their 2-year / $ 19 million deal. “

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The Raptors also didn’t sign Gasol as he was taken over by the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year contract. Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol were 2 of the 7 best players of the Raptors. They helped stretch the ground for them while also anchoring their defense.

Not to mention, placing Gasol beyond the arc or around the free throw line would almost always result in a nifty pass to a cutter from the back gate. Without them, Toronto seems lost in defense and attack. As Kyle Lowry said, “We’ve lost our boast.”

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