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Serial Box associates with Marvel to tell new serialized stories about your favorite superheroes

Over the past two years, the publishing startup Serial Box has been experimenting with new ways to tell stories. Today, the company launches into the world of superheroes with a new partnership with Marvel, which will produce new stories about Black Panther, Black Widow, Jessica Jones and Thor.

The publisher is best known for its serialized and serialized stories called "Serials", which unfold as a television season. Each season consists of 10 to 16 individual slices, which take about 40 minutes to read, each designed to be read in itself, but also contains a story that lasts all season. The similarities with a TV show do not stop there: instead of individual writers writing a single work by themselves, they do come up with a writers room to write stories like The witch coming from the cold, Ninth step, or The vela. Stories can be read through the company's app and website, and are accompanied by audio adaptation.

This is the first Serial Box incursion into related fiction, and in a statement, CEO Molly Barton says he's "delighted that Marvel is entrusting us with expanding and expanding the world." stories of these beloved characters. The stories will be original based on the characters, but will not be stories from the comics or movies. The first story that will come out of the door will be on Thor and will land this summer. According to the company, Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Brian Keene, Jay Edidin and Yoon Ha Lee will be the writer's piece for this first series. Serial Box would not say if its stories fit into its own connected universe model or if each season will be autonomous.

It seems now that Marvel wants to know to what extent the method of narration of Serial Box will suit his characters. Over the years, Marvel's characters have been the subject of several prose novellizations, but they have never really attracted the audience in the same way as Star wars the novels have. The Serial Box model seems to be ideal: a way of telling a long and continuous story that looks more like a comedy series than a classic novel. It seemed to work well for Netflix and its own constellation of projects (until they were all canceled).

While the comics world is used to long serialized stories, this partnership is Marvel's latest experiment. The last decade has shown that society has become more than a comic book publisher: it's a full-fledged content studio, and it extends beyond the comics world to filmmaking, television and audio. The Wolverine podcast of last year is a similar project. The long night (and second season to come, The lost path.) Last year, the author of this project, Benjamin Percy, told The edge that Marvel had been "intrigued" by the possibilities offered by the audio and wanted to know if a superhero story would work. "We were not trying to reinvent the wheel, we wanted to do what worked." Now, it seems that Marvel is interested in seeing where his characters and his superhero stories will work differently: as a serialized, long-running novel.

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