Seth Meyers exposes the weirdest part of Trump's Spike Lee Oscars attack


Because he was just supposed to say something about an Oscar show in which his name had not been mentioned once, President Donald Trump criticized director Spike Lee on Twitter on Monday. morning.

"Be nice if Spike Lee can read his notes, or better still, do not have to use notes at all when he's making his racism against your president," Trump said on Twitter, "who did more for the African Americans (criminal justice reform, lowest unemployment figures in history, tax cuts, etc.) that almost every other meadow! "

It was strange, noted Seth Meyers on his Late at night show Monday night, considering what Lee said during his acceptance speech.

"The 2020 presidential election is imminent," Lee told the crowd, accepting his first Oscar in competition for writing. BlacKkKlansman. "Let's all mobilize, let's all put it on the right side of the story, choose love over hate, do the right thing."

"I like the fact that he did not mention Trump by his name, but Trump heard" hate "and assumed it was about him," Meyers said. "When Trump hears the word hate, it's like the signal from his bat."

Then there was the substance of the Trump attack. "I'm sorry, do you really call someone a racist who can not read the notes?" Asked Meyers. "Every time you read a teleprompter, you talk like an Amazon Echo who has fallen into a toilet."

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