Seven practical tips on Mac that you may not know

Mac OS, the operating system that runs on Apple's Macs, offers a host of hidden shortcuts, keyboard commands and features that went unnoticed. In our last video on our YouTube channel, we explored macOS deeply and compiled a list of useful but less well-known tips and tricks.

You may think that you know everything about the Mac, but we bet that there is something new that you have never seen or forgotten over time, so be sure to watch our video .

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  • Continuity camera – In macOS Mojave, Apple has introduced a feature that allows you to take a picture on an iPhone or iPad and transfer it to the Mac in the document or application of your choice. To access the continuity camera in any compatible application, go to Edit> Insert from your iPhone or iPad. From there, choose "Take a photo" or "Scan a document" to automatically activate the camera on your iOS device so you can take a quick photo. You can also right-click on most documents to display a menu with the option.
  • Password protect a folder – Your Mac is password protected, but you can add an extra layer of security by protecting all folders with a password. To do this, open Disk Utility, select "File" from the menu, choose "New Image", then "Folder Image". From there, select the folder you want to protect and create a password. Delete the original folder and you will need to enter a password to open the new folder.
  • Custom lock screen message – There is an option in macOS to create a custom message that appears on the lock screen, which is useful if you lose your Mac, because you can enter a phone number and an email address that the users will see as soon as it opens. To access it, go to System Preferences> Security & Privacy> General> Set Lockout Message.
  • Emoji Quick Access – It can be a chore to add emoticons to documents, text and social media on macOS via menu insertion options, but a keyboard command allows you to display the macOS emoji selection interface in all applications. Just press the Ctrl, Command and Space keys simultaneously.
  • WiFi passwords in the keychain – You want to recover a lost password for a WiFi network to which you have already connected? It is stored directly on your Mac in Keychain. Open Keychain Access, choose System and locate the WiFi name you are looking for. Right-click on it (or double-click), choose "Get Info", then select "Show Password".
  • Copy Paste Screenshots – You can take and share a screenshot without cluttering your desktop with the help of copy-and-paste hidden screen capture feature. Hold Command + Ctrl + Shift + 4, select what you want to capture, and copy it to your clipboard. From there, you can paste it into any application, and there is no screen capture on your desktop when you are done.
  • Screen sharing messages – Need to help a parent or friend solve a problem on the Mac? You can use Messages to access their screen to make it easier. Just open Messages, select the name of the person you want to help, then click on "Details". Click on the screen sharing icon to connect. You can also click on "Friends" at the top to get more screen sharing options.

Do you have any other useful Mac tips that we have not shared here? Let us know in the comments and we could include them in an upcoming video of tips and tricks.

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