Several cabinet secretaries informally discuss invocation of the 25th Amendment, but Pence is ‘highly unlikely’


But it’s “highly unlikely” that Pence will continue down that path at this point, the source said, given the effort is unlikely to be successful. Pence himself has not discussed the invocation of the 25th Amendment with any Cabinet official, an administration official told CNN.

However, two Cabinet secretaries called on Cabinet colleagues to take their “temper” to demand a Cabinet meeting with President Donald Trump to confront him with his behavior, three senior administration officials told CNN.

The two cabinet secretaries discussed the possibility of requiring the president to deliver a public speech pledging a peaceful transfer of power, which Trump did on Thursday night in a pre-recorded video.

The meeting would be suspended on the possibility that a Cabinet majority could invoke the 25th Amendment and strip Trump of his power as president.

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly backs use of 25th Amendment to impeach President

Chiefs of staff from federal departments have also called to discuss this possibility.

Some of the secretaries are reluctant to agree to a meeting because of the risk that an attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment would run, or that they would anger Trump.

Some officials were also concerned about the prospect of holding a Cabinet meeting amid national discussions on the 25th Amendment. “Why take the risk?” said a senior official.

On Thursday evening, Trump admitted in his pre-recorded video that he would not be serving a second term. It is not yet clear whether this was enough to allay cabinet members’ concerns and withdraw discussions.

A White House adviser in talks with senior officials said Trump only recorded the video because his presidency is currently threatened with impending resignations and possible impeachment.

“I think this video was made only because almost all of its executives were on the verge of resigning and impeachment is imminent,” the adviser said.

“This message and tone should have been relayed on election night … not after people died,” the adviser added.

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