Severe action taken against an immigration officer in a viral video


A viral video making his turn shows what appears to be an immigration official slamming an immigrant.

The Department of Immigration has just issued a statement condemning the action and states that serious steps have been taken against the official in the video.

The statement adds that serious disciplinary action will be taken against stray officials, which includes being fired from their jobs.



47 thoughts on “Severe action taken against an immigration officer in a viral video”

  1. Victim is a Bangladeshi worker. All Bangladeshi people use helmet before go to Malaysia. Malaysia is a Muslim country. As I know Bangladesh is not part of Israel. So Muslim brotherhood slapped eachother. What a jock. Is any government still exists in Bangladesh? Let us know in comments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Malaysia Immigration is one of the world's most dirty immigration. After having a visa, they think of a respected person who stacks. Malaysia airport immigration police do not understand anything except money.

  3. Berani kat foreigner jer kot.
    Try to do to local.You will see what u get. Tak nk keje resign bg kat org lain yg btl2 nk bekerja. Mmg sonetine foreigners ni mmg menyakit kn hati tapi u sbagai officer nesti ada cara utk menyelessikn mslh.

  4. Walaupun dia warga asing jgnlah layan dia mcm tu. Ddk kat kaunter tu kena layan semua,pelanggan dgn elok. Pergi mana Piagam Pelanggannya? Tp baguslah dah kena ambl tindakan…

  5. Hmmm . .aku takkan menilai sebelah pihak je…pendatang asing ni ramai yang kurang ajar tetapi . ..tetapi . ..tetapi . ..kalau lempeng orang sesuka hati macam tu tak molek lah . ..lagi2 di bulan yang mulia ni harus banyak bersabar .

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