'Sh * t just got real'


The Denver Broncos moved on Monday with Zach Kerr, Dekoda Watson, and Nick Williams all being released ahead of the official cut day later this week.

Head coach Vic Fangio discussed things during his daily life press, while players reacted to things getting a bit real as preseason draws to a close.

Here were some of the biggest takeaways:

  • The depth at the defensive line position made the decision to move ahead of the veterans. Fangio also wanted to give both Zach Kerr and Dekoda Watson Some time to try and catch on with another team: "One thing was that to give them both an extra week ahead of the future. We felt good about the other guys at those positions. "
  • In their places, Fangio felt really good about DeShawn Williams and Mike Purcell inside, but also DeMarcus Walker who has seemingly come into his own after struggling under the previous regime. Fangio: "In the d-line, I think [DeShawn] Williams and [Mike] Purcell have done well for themselves, so we'll see how it goes. [DeMarcus Walker’s] so well for himself also. "
  • Joe Rowles of Mile High Report, and it would seem he and Fangio are seeing the same from Purcell, who could be defensive line rotation. Fangio: "He can play anywhere along the line. Because he can do it mentally, he's strong enough. He's not ideally suited to an end, but he can do it in a pinch. "
  • We're probably going to see you guys playing this year. Fangio also went to the team at least two quarterbacks: "That's still a possibility. It will become more of a possibility that we go down to 53, that goes to 46, that includes two quarterbacks at least, to punish, to kicker and to snapper. So, it becomes more viable and possible for the regular season. "
  • After 11 snaps last week, Jake Butt is back to feeling sore and will miss some practice time. It's tough to see a player struggle so much to overcome an injury. Fangio: "He came out good after the game. Just a little sore right now. He has had some residual effects, which I think he is expected to a degree. He got 11 or 12 plays the other night at a full speed tempo, which I did not think he had practiced more than 20 plays in the couple of days he had practiced. I was expecting some of that. We probably will not see him today, give him an extra day off. Normally after a game you get two days off, they are here but you do not hit the field. We're going to give him that day right now. "
  • There is no determination at a quarterback behind Joe Flacco and Drew Lock. Fangio wants to see more separation from Kevin Hogan and Brett Rypien: "We've got one more game to do that. That remains to be seen. I've seen some good play. I've seen some not so good, so I do not know the answer to that just yet. "

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  • Broncos' fourth-round pick, Justin Hollins, has been working on the Fangio system, and he has not disappointed. Hollins: "I feel pretty comfortable playing inside. Out here in practice, I'm getting a lot of reps. Coach is throwing a lot at me and we're always going over what's going on in the playbook, so I'm feeling real comfortable. "

Alexander Johnson

  • After a long time away from football, Johnson has spent most of the time "I'm trying to get back to where I was when I was playing in college. I feel like, each game, I'm getting a step closer to playing how I used to play. "
  • Right now, his life has been about learning. Each practice sessions, each game, Johnson has more It's hard to get along "Pretty much just learning as I'm able to get better and just getting things done, so I'm going to get better like that and just trying to pick everything up I go. Just played my fourth game in a long time and it is pretty good, so I just want to get better each game. "

Williams Take this time of year for a lot of players and the release of veterans on Monday really did "make shit real" for them. From May 2015 when Williams was first signed by the Cincinnati Bengals, he has been cut / re-signed / waived / re-signed 22 times, including four times between Sept. 1-11, 2018, by the Broncos. To say it was rough would be an understatement.

"I have a story that has to be told. A lot of people do not know but it was a lot. This past year, my wife and I, we've been through a lot especially when I left here. With the Indy situation and Miami is going through a long period of time. It's a lot that a lot of people do not know that goes on.

"I think that's why I play the way I play because I know every day is not promised. Look at Zach [Kerr]. That kind of hurt, you know what he's playing and he's not here. That's set in I think everybody today, excuse my language, but shit just got real. I just want to make sure I just play hard for Vic [Fangio] because he brought me in. He did not know me from me.

"I just want to do everything I can for him and Bill [Kollar] because those are the two guys that brought me in and told me to be me. I appreciate them just giving me the opportunity. "

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  • Winfree was a sixth-round pick by the Broncos, but you would think it was undrafted with how hard it worked to get to this final 53-man roster conversation.

Winfree: "I felt I made a good progress throughout camp. This week my focus is to get better and to keep you going. I'm still not where I'm going to be, but I feel like I'm going to do it. . "

  • An area that will make the decision easier for Fangio is what Winfree has done on special teams. He made a big time play last week and if he continues to show what he can do then a roster is surely his on Saturday. When asked how important making a special teams place is, he added, "It's just big. That's one of things I'm trying to get to where I'm at on the field, special teams, blocking, receiving. I want to have that impact and where we need it or special teams where it's a big stop that we need. I want to be that guy, wherever it's at. "
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