Shared decision – coach faces UK with ripped pants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Abilene Christian coach Joe Golding owns one. He tore a hole in his pants celebrating the tournament championship of the Southland Conference.

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Having not had time to fix it, Golding had only one option when preparing for the NCAA Tournament and a first round match against the Kentucky Wildcats.

"I'm coaching in my light blue suit and I'm going to have a hole in the buttocks, man," Golding said laughing during his media visit on Wednesday.

Here's the story: After his team won their first NCAA tournament appearance with a 77-60 victory over New Orleans, he started to jump and kiss the head coach associate Brette Tanner.

It was then that he felt a hole tear in the bottom of his pants.

When the team returned to Abilene, he went to the local clothing store.

"We have only one locker room in town, that's all, and they have not managed to do it," said Golding. "I guess you have to change and do things."

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Golding started the season with two colors, but he left one at an airport en route to play at Nicholls in February.

"True story," he says.

He bought khakis and a shirt to have something to wear. However, considering it was an NCAA tournament, Golding felt that his only option was to wear his ripped suit trousers.

"I have not had my bonus either," said Golding, explaining why he could not buy a new one. "I just discovered that I would not have it until June 1st, I think, I heard that someone was going to create a GoFundMe page, I would appreciate it, any help that I could get. "

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