Sharks' Logan Couture is grateful that he did not lose a testicle when a hockey puck hit him in the dick and balls

Down from 4-3 in the second period, the San Jose Sharks had the opportunity to tie the game after getting a numerical advantage. But as the penalty countdown reached its last 30 seconds, Vegas would get the opportunity to score goals. Reilly Smith passed the puck to Cody Eakin who shot on goal. Logan Couture of San Jose, as a good team player, has expanded his body to try to block the shot. Although he was successful with what he wanted to do, he did it at the cost of being knocked on the door.

Couture had to leave the ice to rest his injured jewels, but was able to come back and finish the match in third. Although he came back as though it was a minor injury, he told reporters after the match that he thought the situation was much worse.

Although this move may have been a particularly painful experience, it probably feels better than the game where it was dubiously called for interference from the goalkeeper, and the penalty that followed allowed Vegas to take the lead in second place. period.

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