Sharon Osbourne rips "odious" Kim Kardashian on this private video, empty 747

Sharon Osbourne comes for Kim Kardashian again, this time to share the video of herself and Kanye West fly in a totally empty 747.

"No problem, I just took a private 747," said Kim from inside the plane "floor" on an Instagram story earlier this week. "It's like that he's doing it now, only 747, private, I've never even heard of it, but it does not matter."

The two men were ripped off on social media for revealing their luxurious lives, the backlash becoming a topic of conversation Thursday "The speech."

"I'm thinking of those words," hateful, "haunting", and the fact is God bless you, you're gifted, you've both been gifted with God, you've a brilliant life, God bless you both, "Osbourne began.

"But there are millions and millions of people who do not live your life and who admire you, do not put them in people's throats," she said. "It's odious.We have one thing I've been raised with, that if you're lucky enough to have a gifted life, do not post it." Do not hide it, but do not hide it Do not spread out. "

She continued, calling it "a class affair," adding that "if you're smart, you do not do it …"

Guest Cohost Ayesha Curry said she was "nervous about making a judgment" on the situation, saying we may not know all the history. Even though the theft was a gift or paid by someone else, she conceded that it was still "very useless".

Both Eve and Sara Gilbert He described it as "excessive", while the latter added that he was also "a bit deaf" after many lost their homes during the recent California wildfires.

"I do not want to be alone in a giant plane," Sheryl Underwood kidding. "It can accommodate 660 people, I want to be in the plane with 659 other people who call God if something is wrong."

Miss the original messages? Check out Kim's videos below:

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