Shaved ice walls at Lake Erie


The extreme winds of a big weekend storm on the Great Lakes pushed immense walls of ice on the shores of Lake Erie.

Authorities in Ontario, Canada, closed Sunday the Niagara River Parkway near Mather Arch at Fort Erie because large chunks of ice were blowing on a retaining wall.

The storm chaser David Piano took pictures near the Peace Bridge Bridge, which connects Fort Erie to Buffalo, NY, and described it as "one of the things the crazier than I've ever seen. "

"The ice was 40 feet high in places," he told CNN.

He said the ice had penetrated more than 150 feet inland and that he was "bulldozing trees and street lights" when he had left the scene.

Ice is caused by wind, currents, temperature changes and other factors that push the ice on the shore.

The city of Hamburg, in the state of New York, south of Buffalo, proceeded to a voluntary evacuation of Hoover Beach, ice approaching the buildings located at the lake.

Officials asked the public to stay out of the area and said the Woodland Fire Department would go door to door to check residents.

The National Weather Service has reported winds of up to 42 mph and gusts of up to 62 mph on Sunday at the Greater Buffalo International Airport.

Niagara Falls reported wind gusts of 74 mph.

The storm fell trees and disabled up to 625,000 people in the Great Lakes and Northeastern regions.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is due to review the damage caused by the storm and give a briefing Monday afternoon.

More than 90 million people are under strong wind warnings or wind warnings, including Washington, Philadelphia and Boston.


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