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His Captain Marvel weekend, moviegoers. L & # 39; child could be the only other interesting alternative, but you can still see it later. As for trailers, we have a new Shazam! trailer on just in time for Captain Marvel launch – featuring a character also called Captain Marvel! As for Disney Captain Marvelpost-credit scenes filtered earlier this week and we've already told you everything you need to know about them.


Sony Brightburn, a production of James Gunn, tells the story of a boy who arrives on Earth from a different place. However, this is not your typical superhero story. This is not Superman. It's a kind of anti-Superman. The film is released May 24 with Elizabeth Banks, David Denman and Jackson A. Dunn.

Dark Phoenix

We saw a new Dark Phoenix trailer last week, but it was incredibly dark. Let's see another version of the trailer – the international version. It's always the same story, we just have the chance to see more scenes:


This is not technically a trailer, but a preview of Disney's upcoming live action movie. But this is Dumbo, and the cute flying elephant deserves our attention every time new images are published:

Late at night

When an annoying late-night host (Emma Thompson) learns that she is about to lose the job she likes, she finds exactly the kind of person she needs to help her to stay in business – a writer (Mindy Kaling) to join her team. Amazon Late at night launches on June 7th.

Master Z: The legacy of Ip Man

Master Z: The legacy of Ip Man It may not be for everyone, but some Chinese movies are more interesting than others. Also, in this one we have Dave Bautista. The date of the premiere is April 12 in America.


It was supposed to be a summer vacation, but it was horrible. C & # 39; Workplace, a horror film whose release is scheduled for mid-August 2019.

Red Joan

Red Joan is an espionage story based on actual events, featuring Judi Dench as the oldest KGB spy in the UK. The biographical film will be launched on April 19th.


Captain Marvel is going out in theaters right now, but another captain, Marvel, is coming as well. His Shazam!and is part of DC Extended Universe. The strangest thing is that Djimon Hounsou is in both movies. Talk about strange coincidences! This "Captain Marvel" will be launched on April 5th, so take a look at the new trailer:

Someone of great

Honestly, I have no idea what's going on in Someone of greatbecause the first trailer is not really inspiring. The good news is that this movie will be released on your TV, computer, or phone on April 19, as long as you are a paying Netflix subscriber.

The art of defending yourself

Jesse Eisenberg and Alessandro Nivola play the main role in this comedy on – wait – self defense. The bottom line is simple: we have a guy who is attacked in the street and goes to a local dojo to learn some tricks. The art of defending yourself launches on June 21st.


Never asked what inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to come up with all these great the Lord of the Rings books? the Tolkien biopic will explain all this on May 10, when it will be released in cinemas.

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