Shields vs. Hammer Results: Full Match After Match and Wrap Up When T-Rex wins

Claressa Shields now owns WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and L & # 39; ring The women's middleweight titles after defeating Christina Hammer in the first round of Showtime boxing Saturday.

Shields won a unanimous decision, 98-92, on the scorecards of the three judges. As a professional, she went to 9-0 and shouted "What's my name?" After the fight and proclaimed herself the best female boxer of all time.

Hammer was in the fight, and definitely took the first and possibly the sixth round. But the other eight rounds were all Shields, which simply set up a defensive clinic. Hammer could not do anything from far away and inside, Shields was dominant. Hammer has been warned repeatedly to be victorious in these situations and she has been slowly overwhelmed by Shields' huge defense.

"I do not even know if I'm dreaming now," Shields said after the fight. "I do not even know if I'm dreaming. I do not know what it is. "

"Women's boxing, we are on fire. I can not wait to see what's coming next, "Shields added, and she called two other fighters, Cecelia Braekhus and Savannah Marshall, the only woman to beat Shields as an amateur.

It was a fight with a lot of hype and coolness around him. It has been touted as the biggest women's boxing match in history, and the two-time gold medalist, Shields, said it herself. At the same time, she also said it was not the most important fight of her career, qualifying her Olympic matches for the bigger gold medal. Both fighters accused the other of being scared – the usual deal.

The preliminary card was upset when Brenda Karen Carabajal defeated Elena Gradinar in a ten-round decision. Gradinar had to win that one. Samuel Peter sometimes had a beautiful appearance against Mario Heredia, but he eventually lost a split decision while he was confident that he had won.

The first fight on the main map ended in a lack of decision, a disappointment for everyone involved. Otto Wallin and Nick Kisner had only been practicing boxing for about a minute before an accidental whiplash opened an opening on Kisner's right eye and on the side of Wallin's head.

Kisner was treated by the doctor and finished the round. He did not go out for the second round, claiming that he could not see from his right eye, which resulted in the lack of decision. In fact, it's as if the fight never happened.

In the second main card match, Jermaine Franklin stepped up her efforts against Rydell Booker, the mate. It was not a pretty fight, the two heavyweights being clearly tired about halfway through the ten-round bout. But Franklin, the aggressor, clearly won the last innings and made a unanimous decision, 99-91, 98-92, 98-92.

Below you will find the list of games played on the main map and, below, the complete results of the Saturday card.

Claressa Shields def. Christina Hammer by unanimous decision (98-92 x3)

Tour 1: Hammer smiles at Shields when they touch gloves. The fight begins and Hammer quickly takes the center of the ring. Shields lets her hands go down because she wants the big counter. The right counter right in front looks at Hammer. Shields blocks a pair of left-handed Hammer hands. Both land with their left hand on top. Shields hits the body and connects at a glance to the left hook. It's probably Hammer's round, but it's not dominant at all.

2nd round: Jab Hammer's combo, and Shields responds with a big winged hook that could have been a little short. The shields are connected by a solid hook to the side of the head while they are attached, and the referee separates them. Hammer shakes his head, as Shields got a dirty blow. Hammer poses a southpaw and a small right hook over the ropes. Shields connects with a force above, and Hammer smiles. Four quick strokes to the left of Shields, but Hammer recoils. A tight round, but Shields was pretty active.

Round 3: Jab Hammer combo to start the round. Shields slides another combo and places a hook on the body. In front of Hammer. This one is a little slower than the second round, Shields mostly trying to reduce the gap and Hammer not leaving him an inch. Still, nothing big really falls in the round.

Tour 4: Hammer complains of shooting on the side of the head, but she turns her head towards them. They both excite Jab combos and tie up again. Shields arrives with a hook and Hammer ties up again. Hammer hit lands, as does a right across Shields. Hammer peppers Shields with 4-5 quick strokes, and Hammer binds again. Hammer is notified by the referee whenever Shields enters the pocket. Hammer moves back for the rest of the round. I've buckled Shields, 3-1.

Round 5: Hammer just can not hit Shields clean, his defense is too good. Shields slides all the way out and gets the best shots inside. Stiff jab Shields sneaks through and she goes down Hammer. She connects with a hard left hook, but Hammer grabs Shields with hers as they separate. The hammer throws two hooks into a burst and eats Shields' body. Right hand on top of Shields when she enters and is tied up. Triple shot of Shields' main hand, and she just misses with the right hook of tracking. Another round of shields!

Round 6: Hammer is aggressive and Shields is on his back foot. Hammer takes a nice shot in a burst, and Shields misses with his markers. Hammer lays two nice hooks, then holds Shields' head down, which is a bad idea, as Shields places two straight hooks on the body before they are separated. Shields misses several more shots as Hammer makes his adjustments. I think it's a Hammer Round, 4-2 Shields.

Round 7: Big top of Shields at the start of the round, but Hammer departs from it. Both rights land on the chin with winged hooks, but both seem helpless. Hammer arrives and places a nice uppercut, followed by two light hooks while she catches Shields again. They tie the ropes and are separated. Right hand on top for Shields, and Hammer attaches it again. Big right hand of Shields, then another. Hammer is warned again by the referee for holding. Shields throws another big burst, and pushes Hammer back. 5-2 Shields.

Round 8: Hammer really needs to run the jab, and she tries it to start the trick. She grabs Shields at the ropes and fires a fatal blow, but Shields avoids it and turns around. The shields then invade Hammer and project hooks inside. Hammer loses his mouthpiece and the referee does not stop the fight immediately, as Shields is still swarming. It's finally stopped – no real lull in action, which should displease Shields, but Hammer acts as if she had been wronged. Shields however, is angry. She advances and raises two very large right hands. She walks to the corner of Hammer and pulls two big straight hands, and Hammer attaches. Huge tower for the shields. I have it 6-2 Shields.

Round 9: Hammer arrives with a quick hook and Shields puts the counter on the left on the jaw. A pair of body hooks from Shields after Hammer tied up again. Hammer is on his back foot right now. Three-shot combination of Shields, which changes posture and moves forward with some lefts. Hammer really can not land, and she gets beaten inside. Difficult counter to the left of Shields. Strong left hook at Hammer, but a brace against Shields hurts him at the end of the round. 7-2 Shields.

Tour 10: The two fighters connect with straight hooks and Shields eat a left jab. Shields wants the coup de grace, but she does not want to receive one either, and she is not so aggressive here in the 10th round. Shields picks up a nice hook and ties. Hammer's left jab connects, but she's eating another counter on the left. Left shot of Shields, then a triple. They are both flipping at the end of the turn. Hammer was an opponent of the game, but it must be a Shields fight. I won it, 8-2.

Jermaine Franklin def. Rydell Booker by unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92 x2)

Tour 1: Franklin works the one-two combos early. Both receive punches and Franklin almost takes off Booker's head with a change hook. Franklin with a nice shot to the body, then they exchange hard blows to the left. Against the left hook of Franklin lands, followed by a double jab. Booker throws three shots right to the left, which take a look. Booker eats a straight hook while offering a shot to the body. Franklin connects with a pair of hooks and takes Booker to a corner, where he tries to swarm, but they tie up and are separated. Active tour for both fighters, but it was Franklin's turn.

2nd round: Booker is much more active to start this round, moving a lot more and trying to knock Franklin down the ropes. Booker and Franklin both connect with massive hooks directly on the cheek. Franklin could have been stunned, but he loses his mouthpiece. Uppercut left Booker lands, and Franklin begins to swing wildly. He drops his right hand and eats another left hook. Booker slips Franklin's big punches. Franklin recovers and puts Booker to the test of the ropes, where he attaches a strong hook to the body. Two straight lines land for Booker, and I got it every turn.

Round 3: Booker picks up a powerful right hand and Franklin tries to run the jab. Booker does a good job of avoiding big shots, and he gets a double shot from him. Franklin seems to fade, he throws everything with power. Franklin does nothing, and it's probably another round of Booker.

Tour 4: Franklin continues to be the aggressor and Booker also seems to be slowing down a bit. Booker puts a stiff right hand about halfway through, but he's eating a very strong shot just before. Booker catches up with him again and Franklin loses his mouthpiece for the second time. When they start, Franklin picks up two big hooks while they are essentially tied. He has two more shots bouncing off Booker's gloves, but the right hook over the top slips and nails the side of his head. Franklin puts things in place to finish the round. A much better round for him.

Round 5: Disc left to Booker's body. Both guys take deep breaths. Franklin's big right hand, but Booker steals. A left shot of Franklin landed on Booker's keeper. Booker puts Franklin to the test of the ropes and he picks up some nice big shots. Franklin continues throwing combinations, but he's eating big shots inside. Booker slips the biggest shots – he's fat, but he's fast. Right to Franklin's body. Uppercut runs inside Booker, for the second time in the round.

Round 6: This one is really slow, nothing happens for the first minute or so. Booker connects to a pretty uppercut counter, followed by a straight hook after eating two big body shots. Booker opposes the strings, but they tie up and are separated. They bind again and the turn ends. Very little has happened in this tour. I think no one should win!

Round 7: Booker seems to run out of gas. Franklin poses two short jabs, eats a left uppercut but continues to press. Booker puts Franklin at ease, and there is good dirty boxing. Franklin connects with two strong straight hooks and, once they have separated, a stiff blow to the chin. He sells to a reaper, but eats a right hook against Booker. They land, he does not seem to throw enough. And as soon as I type that, Booker puts Franklin at ease and allows him to get some very hard shots. Franklin flies, but Booker the nugget. Franklin rotates it and delivers big shots. The two hooks attach, flush, at the end of the round.

Round 8: Franklin coming out quickly in this round, and it seems like he has more in the tank. The strong left hook lands, then a left uppercut between Booker's short punches. Both guys are tired. Nothing really happens at the last minute of this round. Franklin throws two big hooks into a burst when the round ends, but nothing comes up.

Round 9: Franklin is quickly pushed to the rope and Booker gives him hooks. Franklin is coming back, and there is a lot of restraint in this round. Franklin is still trying to get the hang of it, but Booker is not in any danger, at least not because of what's going on at this point in the fight. Franklin slips into a very nice uppercut that knocks Booker and a pair of jabs. Then a pair of hooks to the body. Jab left of Booker. Booker puts Franklin back on the ropes and gives him some nice shots, but it was Franklin's round. It's hard to score, anyway.

Tour 10: Franklin getting closer, he sells himself on a big right hand, as he's fighting all the time, but Booker slips it. Left hook to Franklin's body. Booker's corner is screaming for something to do. Franklin puts up a solid combination of short hooks to the head. They exchange brief blows. Franklin's Haymaker is simply missing. Franklin is missing, but Booker does not defend himself exactly. And this one is finished. Franklin should win this, but it was not a good fight.

Otto Wallin vs. Nick Kisner does not result in a decision

Tour 1: Wallin closes immediately on Kisner and covers himself. He launches the right jab and Kisner goes around. Kisner's right is blocked. Wallin puts him in a corner, but eats hard for his problems. He delivers one of his own, followed by a powerful shot. The left hook of Wallin lands because Kisner has a cut in the right eye. All right from Wallin. Kisner seems to indicate that it was a whim, but no recovery at the moment. They are tied up. Kisner goes through another shot and Kisner says that he can not see out of the eye with a break. Looks like Wallin has a cut on the side of the head, so it could have been a whim. They are fighting again. Kisner throws a wide right hook, but it does not arise. He eats a hard blow by swinging another hook, then a big right to the body. He connects with a left to the body of his. The race ends – it was Wallin's run, but he is not using his range.

And now, it seems that this fight will be stopped. Kisner can not see his eyes with a cut, making it harder for him to see the shots coming out of Wallin's main camp. They announce that this is not a decision for both fighters.

Fight card results

Claressa Shields def. Christina Hammer by unanimous decision (98-92 x3)
Jermaine Franklin def. Rydell Booker by unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92)
Otto Wallin against Nick Kisner does not end on any decision (medical)
Brenda Karen Carabajal def. Elena Gradinar by decision
Ja'Rico O'Quinn def. Vicente Alfaro Martinez via decision
Mario Heredia def. Samuel Peter by shared decision
Marcus Bates def. Jesse Angel Hernandez via TKO
Isiah Seldon def. Bryan Goldsby by decision

21 hours: We are currently checking out our live blog on tonight's Showtime boxing card, which features a fight for the title between Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer. We will have a live blog on the main action of the card as soon as it starts. The current turn and the fight will be at the top of this article, while the fights and previous results will be below them. Finally, the viewing information with which this article was originally delivered is presented below. Keep refreshing this page!

Saturday, one of the biggest women's long-time boxing matches will take place, while Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer will finally meet in the showtime match of a Showtime boxing card. Shields will defend his WBA, WBC and IBF titles, while Hammer will put his WBO strap. The vacant L & # 39; ring middleweight title will also win.

The card will be shown on Showtime from 21h. AND and has two other fights on the main map. Live streaming can be found via Showtime Anytime.

Showtime presents it as the biggest female wrestling fight that has taken place, and that might be true. All we know is that they are two of the best boxers in the world and they will compete for our greatest pleasure. Shields carries the hope of many boxers in the United States, and there are serious problems between her and Hammer.

The two men were originally scheduled to fight in 2018, but an injury to Hammer delayed the bout. Meanwhile, both fighters spent a lot of time talking hard and getting ready for Saturday's action.

Shields, 24, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist for the United States and 8-0 as a professional. Six of his victories were won by decision, with two knockouts. She has defended her WBA and IBF belts twice and her WBC belt once.

Hammer, 28, is 24-0-1 as a professional, with 11 wins per KO and 13 wins per decision. She has defended her WBO belt 12 times and has a lot more professional experience than Shields.

How to watch Shields vs. Hammer

Date: Saturday, April 13

Location: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, N.J.

Time: 21h ET

TV: Show time

Streaming Online: Showtime anytime

Shields vs Hammer Battle Card

Main map

Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer (for Shields' WBA, WBC and IBF titles, Hammer's WBO title and vacant middleweight title The Ring)
Jermaine Franklin vs. Rydell Booker
Otto Wallin against Nick Kisner

Preliminary map

Elena Gradinar vs. Brenda Karen Carabajal (for the vacant IBF Women's featherweight title)
Ja'Rico O'Quinn against Vicente Alfaro Martinez
Samuel Peter vs. Mario Heredia
Jesse Angel Hernandez against Marcus Bates
Isiah Seldon vs. Bryan Goldsby

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