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Shigeru Miyamoto does not think Nintendo is late on the Internet – Game Rant

While many applauded Nintendo Over the years, due to the constant quality of its games and innovations, the company has been widely criticized for its approach to online gaming and its features, especially compared to its main competitors. Despite criticism, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, THE legend of Zeldaand more, challenged this criticism at a recent conference.

At the 79th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, at which Nintendo commented that the Nintendo Switch Lite rumors were credible, Shigeru Miyamoto responded to a question about the aforementioned criticisms. The question was preceded by the statement that "we have the impression that Nintendo has been a bit slow to join the global trends," and a major point of the industry's speech is now "the only way out of the world." entry of large companies in cloud computing and streaming games as well as alliances between rivals in the field of cloud games. "

Asked about Nintendo's reflections on this global trajectory, Miyamoto ensured that Nintendo "did not fall behind, neither with virtual network services, nor with virtual reality." "

Miyamoto explains why Nintendo NX news is waiting - Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto continued, "During this period, we objectively assessed whether they actually allowed our consumers to have a good gaming experience and whether we could use them at a cost." Miyamoto explained that the online features of Were not central, when Nintendo markets products, "it may seem like we are falling behind."

While other representatives said at the same conference that Nintendo was "investigating" about 5G and cloud games, Miyamoto presented his perspective on cloud gaming as well as "what's the point?" a traditional point of view on the local game. Miyamoto said, "I think cloud games are going to become mainstream in the future," adding that many games will continue to be entertaining.because they work locally and not on the cloud. "

Shigeru Miyamoto has always been very proud of Nintendo's status as an innovator in the video game industry. Thus, Miyamoto's claim that online features have been a development area, although Nintendo has to decide on the costs and benefits of integrating them, makes sense. Currently, Nintendo offers Nintendo Switch Online, which works for the most part. If everything continues in this direction, then Nintendo could give Microsoft and Sony a chance to make money in online components.

Source: Nintendo – Summary of the question and answer period of the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (via Gameranx)

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