Shoppers at Woodbury Common, Other Companies Exposed to Measles

Health officials have warned that the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, a Hudson Valley Target, a supermarket and other popular local businesses have recently been exposed to measles.

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On Wednesday, the Orange County Health Department announced that a New York City resident with confirmed measles had made it to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets on Sunday, March 31st.

Those who visited Nike Factory or the Sayki Men's Fashion store on March 31 may have been on public display between 4 pm and 4 pm and at 9 pm, say the officials.

Anyone visiting these stores should monitor the signs and symptoms of measles until April 21, recommends the Orange County Health Department. If you become ill, you should immediately consult a doctor.

At the same time, on Thursday, Rockland County health officials confirmed that 180 cases of illness had been reported in the area. An increase of eight since the last county report a day earlier.

Still on Thursday, Rockland County health officials warned residents that anyone with measles would have visited the following locations on Thursday, April 4 or Friday, April 5.

Spring Valley Pharmacy: 180 E. Central Avenue, Spring Valley, Thursday, April 4 from 1:44 pm. at 13:46 and on Friday 5 April from 14:10. at 14:30 with a risk of exposure until 16:30.

Radiology of the Hudson Valley: 18 Squadron Blvd., New City, Thursday, April 4 from 4:30 pm. at 17.15

International Taxi who first went to Hudson Valley Radiology on Thursday, April 4th from 3:50 pm. at 16:30

International Taxi who had originally traveled from Hudson Valley Radiology on Thursday, April 4 at 5:15 pm. at 17:45

The Familia Taxi who originally traveled from the Refuah Health Center at 728 N. Main Street in Spring Valley on Thursday, April 4 from 1:00 pm. at 13:06

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Measles is one of the most contagious viruses. According to officials, 90% of unvaccinated people exposed to the virus are infected. You can get measles just by being in a room where a person has been infected with measles, until 2 hours after he or she leaves. You can catch measles from an infected person even before she has a rash.

At the end of March, Rockland County officials warned Spring Valley Target, a Monsey supermarket and other county businesses have been exposed to measles.

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