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Showers, some heavy thunderstorms possible Sunday afternoon and evening

A frontal border crossing the Ohio Valley and the Appalachians over the next few days will leave us with an unstable climate during the rest of Father's Day and at the beginning of the work week. Many will have already noticed that we are hotter and wetter today; This afternoon, temperatures should reach their maximum in the upper 70s / 80s. Although the best chances of storms and extreme weather this afternoon will be north, we could still have some showers and ephemeral storms throughout the day, especially north of I-64 corridor. Most will remain partly cloudy, hot and humid for the rest of the afternoon.

An increased risk of showers / storms seems to arrive next night, especially between midnight and 3 am Monday morning, while a low pressure area runs through the frontal limit. Although the risk of extreme weather conditions is low, SPC still has a weather margin in our region at least equal to MARGINALE or (1/5) for isolated strong to strong storms this afternoon, and especially this night which could produce strong winds, large hail and heavy rainfall locally. Rotating storms are not completely out of the question, but tornadoes are generally unlikely for our region. The front will continue to linger Monday in the area, which will allow us to see more scattered showers / storms with strong / severe cells incorporated during the day of tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!

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