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Showrunner Bruce Miller shares the fact that June is still alive in "The Story of the Maid"

The servant's tale is in his third season and is going
strong. Last week, we saw a different aunt Aunt Lydia's aunt (Ann Dowd) before
the time of Gilead. We also saw another side of June (Elisabeth Moss) then
had the habit of. She seems to be getting closer and closer to the edge, and that's
hard to believe that she still survives after all this time with her hangmen.

So much has already happened in the third season of The servant
. Nichole escaped for Canada's safety (for now) and June was
Work quietly against Gilead in any way you can. This last episode showed
a new part to June that could very well be a defense mechanism for survival in
such a toxic atmosphere.

Showrunner Bruce Miller explains what keeps June alive

The servant's tale
The troupe and the team of 'The Handmaid's Tale' pose with the prize of the best TV series – Drama. Stock Photo Kevork Djansezian / NBC / NBCU / Getty Images

Showrunner's The servant's taleBruce Miller has explained
in Gizmodo
which keeps June alive through all this.

"One of the things is that she is protected. I think June is very
wise as a character to take risks but takes the slightest chance she maybe
can, explains Miller. "So she tries to strengthen herself with the blanket, and
she's in this season … last season, she had Fred and Serena, who were both
his opponents and his protectors. Aunt Lydia, who is both her opponent and
his protector. And this season, she has more people, Commander Lawrence, who
both his adversary and his protector, as well as Marthas. "

June changed in episode 8 of "The Tale of the Maid"

In this week The servant's talewe see a time
stalemate between OfMatthew (Ashleigh LaThrop) and June. OfMatthew loses it and
begins to take on poor Janine (Madeline Brewer). One of the guards appears
try to stop him, to no avail. OfMatthew kills him with a pot.

At this point, OfMatthew finds June in the chaotic crowd.
June smiled at her, as if she dared to retaliate. June then nods to him and
OfMatthew turns his weapon towards Aunt
. From nowhere, she is killed before she can hurt anyone else.

June has clearly changed in this last episode. What made
she seems to appreciate this terrible violence? Was it a revenge on OfMatthew, or
something more?

Will June ever be with her family or daughters again?

Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss attends the haute couture Christian Dior Fall / Winter 2019 2020 in Paris, France. Foc Kan / WireImage

June went through all this, for better or for worse. She is
standing on the other side of many, and she still has a lot of work to do
Completed. She needs to find her daughter Hannah and find a way to stay safe.
Canada to his friends and family waiting for him.

But June definitely changed from the woman we saw to
season one. She is certainly wiser and smarter, but at what cost? She is always
stuck in Gilead, and nowhere near finding Hannah. What will be his next move

She will probably use her resources and her network of people to
help her find and locate Hannah's new location. From there, she will have to find
a way for her and out of Gilead.

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