Shroud explains why Fortnite does not "die" after the release of Apex Legends |

Fortnite's base of players has been a little shaken since the explosion of Apex Legends on February 4th. But Twitch's star, Shroud, does not think the Royal Battle of Epic Games is down for the record.

A shroud fan suggested that Tfue was "Fortnite's last hope", as it seems that the Clan FaZe pro stuck with the game in the midst of the hype of Apex Legends, but shroud seemed to disagree with this notion.

Shroud thinks the players have not seen the end of Fortnite. Suggest that, even if it is not popular at the moment, its enduring appeal could keep it alive longer.

Fortnite has seen better days in terms of players, but some do not think that the battlefield will be abandoned before long.

While Apex Legends strives to beat the title of Epic Games among Twitch's viewers, Heather Shield does not believe that Fortnite's popularity is tied to the platform.

"I do not know about that one, I do not think Fortnite is going anywhere," said Houdoud in response to his fan. "I think Fortnite would have been huge, honestly, without Twitch."

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The Royal Battle of Fortnite, released in September 2017, has seen many competitors come up and down almost every turn, which could explain why the former professional player thinks he's still a lot to do.

Fortnite has survived many competitors on both sides of the royal battle, such as the Royal Realy campy at the intense Black Ops 4: Blackout.

However, with Apex Legends seemingly finding the right balance between the rugged style of an epic shooter and the lure of its unique characters, it will be interesting to see how Fortnite organizes its long-term fairs.

Time will tell if Fortnite has enough resources in the tank to regain his first place, but he thinks he'll be at least a competitor for a long time.

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