Sidney Powell ‘Kraken’ election fraud lawsuit ridiculed by legal experts for typos, lack of evidence

The lawsuits brought by former Donald Trump lawyer Sidney Powell have been ridiculed for containing a large number of typos and errors, as well as the lack of significant evidence of voter fraud.

Powell, who had previously promised “I will publish the Kraken“in reference to lawsuits that would expose how Trump was allegedly defrauded in the election victory, released two documents that were eagerly awaited by supporters of the president, as well as conspiracy theorists and QAnon followers.

“The #Kraken just released on Georgia, “Powell wrote, tweeting a link to his website before promising to do so”Freeing the Kraken in Michigan. “

The 104-page lawsuit detailing the Georgia fraud allegations and the 75-page Michigan-focused document both contain a series of typos, including the incorrect spelling of “district” twice in the first line of the complaint in Georgia. In the Michigan lawsuit, the court name is also misspelled in the first line to read “Eastern Distrct of Michigan”.

The documents misspell the name of William Briggs, one of Powell’s main expert witnesses, mistakenly calling him “Williams Briggs” and “William Briggs”. Higgs. “

The Michigan document has a number of pages where entire sentences have no spaces between words, so read it as follows: “A challenger may be nominated to serve in more than one constituency. political party[orinterestedorganization]must indicate which are the challenger will be used when appointing challengers under subsection. “

Bradley P. Moss, a prominent lawyer who covers national security, said: “It is rare for a lawyer to need to deliver his 100-page lawsuit. Maybe if you literally kill a multinational corporation with 25 CEOs. separate charge. “

He added, “You don’t forget to run the spell check. You don’t make wacky accusations. I mean, seriously, that’s not what the pros do. These are the things that make the judge throw the book at you. asks the bar to investigate your conduct. ”

Former Federal Prosecutor and Legal Analyst Renato Mariotti said: “Sidney Powell’s ‘kraken’ complaint is more like a baby shrimp. It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. But it has misled millions of people into believing it would change the outcome. of the election. Spoiler alert: It wont. “

British lawyer Minister Afzal tweeted: “You don’t have to read Powell’s 104-page ‘kraken’ submissions, here’s a good summary: conspiracy theories and misspellings litter them. How she was once a federal prosecutor begging for belief. It should only be about evidence and none of it overwhelms or stands up to scrutiny. “

Some of the allegations made in the case include that voting software companies Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic were used to rig the 2020 US election. These systems were allegedly used to “ensure computerized ballot stuffing and vote manipulation at all levels necessary so that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez never loses another election “.

This claim is based on a statement from an unnamed person Alert launcher claiming to be a Venezuelan military official.

Other social media users, including political journalists, also pointed to mistakes and other examples of erroneous information in the files, pointing out that the voting systems allegedly used in Venezuela were not used in the state of Michigan.

The documents also claim, without providing any evidence, that the Dominion software was accessed by agents “acting on behalf of China and Iran to monitor and manipulate the elections,” including the US election.

Another claim comes from Colorado resident Joe Oltmann, who claimed as a journalist to have infiltrated antifa and was able to register former Dominion Electoral Systems, Strategy and Security Officer Eric Cooomer stating, “Don’t worry. Trump isn’t going to win the election, we’ve got this fixed.”

The documents also alleged that in Fulton County, Georgia, after the vote closed, election workers “falsely claimed that a water leak forced the facility to shut down.”

Powell says all poll workers and challengers were evacuated for hours around 10 p.m., but several poll workers “were left unattended and unchallenged working at computers” until around 1 a.m.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office confirmed they were investigating the leak at State Farm Arena, although Powell appears to have bad timing as the leak was reported at 6:07 a.m. and was corrected within two hours, according to reports. responsible.

“No ballots were damaged, nor any equipment affected. There was a brief delay in compiling the mail-in ballots while repairs were in progress,” State Farm Arena said. in a press release.

Powell has been contacted for comment.

Sidney powell
A November 19, 2020 photo shows Sidney Powell speaking at a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC.

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