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In current cinematic news, "The Silver Bear" by Michael B. Jordan finds a director, the biopic "Running for My Life" is in preparation, Fox uses a new software of compliance of the trailers and the distribution of " The Flor, 14 hours.

Director's attachment

Gerard McMurray, director of "The First Purge", will write and direct the thriller "The Silver Bear" by Michael B. Jordan of Lionsgate, Nickel City Pictures and Jordan's Outlier Society.

McMurray was a producer of the Jordanian TV series "Fruitvale Station" of 2013 in Jordan. Jordan became attached to "the silver bear" in October.

"The Silver Bear" is based on the series of books by Derek Haas, screenwriter of "Wanted" and "3:10 to Yuma". The novel is centered on an assassin called Columbus – called the "Money Bear by Some" – who hounds a powerful politician with presidential aspirations.


Film Roman Productions, known for producing "The Simpsons", begins production of his first non-animated feature film, "Running for My Life".

The film is an adaptation of Lopez Lomong's successful autobiography and tells of his rise from a Sudanese child soldier to the rank of US flag bearer at the Beijing Olympics. Roman is a partner of Brookwell / McNamara Entertainment, Red Heritage Media and Tom Ratcliffe.


20th Century Fox is partnering with MovieMeasure, touted as the first technology-based theatrical compliance platform, to ensure its trailers are theatrically screened.

"We are excited to have Fox providing them with such important and critical information," said Rakesh Nigam, CEO and co-founder of MovieMeasure. "We examined the entire trailer verification process and redesigned it from the ground up, using GPS-based mobile technology, data science and technology." 39, machine learning. If we could throw technology at the solution we have. "


Grasshopper Film has purchased the US distribution rights to "La Flor", a 14-hour feature film by director Mariano LlinĂ¡s, who follows four actresses over six disparate episodes.

"The Flor" includes a monster movie, a musical, a spy thriller, a play of the time and a remake of a French classic. "La Flor" will open in cinemas this summer, followed by a release on digital platforms.

Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa and Laura Paredes are stars. "La Flor" premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and was an official selection of the Toronto and New York Film Festivals.


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