Silver reflects again on changes to the NBA calendar

NEW YORK – Commissioner Adam Silver mentioned shorter games or a shorter season as ways the NBA could improve its future product for players and fans.

Silver spoke again Friday of the possibility of changing the schedule of 82 games, either to reduce the number of players sitting outside, or to introduce new types of competition.

"I think the fans might be right in thinking that if, in the end, science suggests that 82 games are too many games for these players, you should not have an 82-game season," he said. Silver. "I accept this, and it's something we will continue to examine."

He added that the addition of mid-season or end-of-season tournaments could be an option, as could the widening of games from 48 minutes to 40 minutes, which corresponds to the duration of university and international matches.

Silver is focused on the health of the players as a curator, opening the regular season earlier to reduce the frequency of back-to-back matches and lengthen the break of the stars.

However, players stay seated throughout the season, often for reasons listed in the load management.

Although the format remains the same for 82 games, Silver is intrigued by the different ways the calendar can be arranged. He pointed out that European football, which organizes tournaments and its championship games during the season, could bring new interest to the NBA by offering teams more opportunities to win something, instead of netting them out. to have only one champion.

"That's why I'm particularly interested in different types of formats – in mid-season tournaments, for example play-in tournaments – because even if you accept that players have as many miles on their body, they can exist. -be better ways to present that, "says Silver. "Assuming the guys are going to play 82 games, maybe there should be a number of regular season games, then there should be two tournaments during the season."

He warned that no changes that he had discussed on Friday after league board meetings were about to be implemented and that it would continue to 39 to be studied within the league.

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