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Sinemia brings debit cards back after complaints about fees

The fees became a big problem when Sinemia switched to a model without a card. Without physical debit cards attached to their accounts, users had to buy the tickets online, which meant that they often had to pay a convenience fee at the online ticketing service and a processing fee of up to $ 500. at $ 1.80 per ticket for Sinemia. Customers had the feeling of being trapped in the service and some said that the subscription fees in addition to the subscription itself hardly made the service profitable.

Starting today, however, Sinemia users may request physical debit cards, which will eliminate the convenience and processing fees when used on a theater. These fees will still apply if customers purchase tickets online. There is another trap though. The cards themselves will cost $ 15 more if you decide.

"Our customers are delighted to be the only subscription service to continue to offer tickets for all films, regardless of the time of the show, but we are always looking to improve," said Rifat Oguz, CEO of Sinemia, in a statement. "Based on customer feedback, we have brought back physical debit cards to give our customers the ability to avoid all booking fees and choose how they want to enjoy their movie night."

The company also announced some changes to its service and application, including a different method of processing cardless accounts, a larger customer service team (poor customer service was a common complaint of Sinemia) and the possibility check the billing date and the remaining ticket level via the app. Sinemia customers can request a card via their profile page on the company's website.

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