Singaporeans try to react to the video of the viral kungfu fighter


In this episode of Singaporeans Try, we react to a recent local advertisement that has attracted the attention of many people. Stay tuned to find out what we think about Kungfu moves used in!

Original video:

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Including (in order of appearance):
Alison Tan –
Zhin Sadali –
Chris Soh –
Ra Krishnan –
Adria Tham –
Fauzi Aziz –

Produced and filmed by:
Charmaine Sew –

Edited by:
Laura Ng –

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28 thoughts on “Singaporeans try to react to the video of the viral kungfu fighter”

  1. Have any of you clicked on a video, excited to watch it. Then there's an advertisement that's around 3 minuets long, but it's really interesting. Then, when the advertisement ends, you totally forgot that you were watching an advertisement and not what you came for. After that, you casually proceed to look for other videos to watch.

    (It can't only be me, right?)

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