Siri gets new shortcuts for airlines, food orders and dictionaries, with more to come – TechCrunch


Announced at WWDC last year, Apple is currently launching Siri Shortcuts at a relatively steady pace. The company says that there are now "thousands" of applications incorporating the iOS 12 feature, which brings all sorts of third-party functionality to the smart wizard.

Five new shortcuts are available from today. The most noticeable (depending on where you get your airline miles, I guess) is probably that of American Airlines. Saying, "Hey Siri, flight update "will provide you with information about your upcoming travel plans. The response uses location information to determine which items to share, including the status of the flight, the duration of the trip, and the door from which it will leave.

Caviar also has a new shortcut. It allows users to check the status of food or rearrange frequent items, such as, for example, "order my usual pizza", for those who are doing very well with the ruts we have plunged into. Merriam-Webster, meanwhile, adds a shortcut "the word of the day," while Dexcom introduces blood glucose monitoring into the smart assistant.

In the coming months, Apple will add shortcuts to Airbnb, Drop, ReSound and the Smarter coffeemaker. These join all the recent additions of Waze and Nike Run Club. Apple sees these features clearly as a way to develop Siri's features as a result of increased competition from Google and Amazon.

Adding this type of functionality can create a much richer voice ecosystem, while letting third party developers take on many responsibilities.

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