Siri will offer session suggestions today to Apple from iOS 12.2

Apple today released the third beta version of iOS 12.2 for developers, with some new features. In addition to design changes and subscription discount options for developers, Apple has enhanced Siri's features to better advertise its Today at Apple sales initiative.

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When upgrading to iOS 12.2, users with the installed Apple Store app will find a new flip-flop located in Settings> Siri & Search> Apple Store. Apple has added a feature called "Finding centers of interest in other applications" which, when enabled, offers Siri suggestions for sessions today at Apple based on your installed applications and the use of Safari.

For example, if you use Procreate on your iPad every day, Siri might suggest an art walk or a drawing session. If you use many workout apps, Siri could suggest you walk health and fitness.

Apple already suggests the Today at Apple sessions recommended in the Apple Store app based on the hardware you own associated with your Apple ID, but this new switch adds Siri's intelligence and a higher level of personalization. It also adds the ability to suggest sessions directly from the lock screen. Apple had previously updated the Apple Store application in December with support for several Siri shortcuts.

Existing session notifications and recommendations in the Apple Store app.

The Apple Store app will now alert you to features and in-store offerings with the help of tags detecting entry into an Apple Store. It's not immediately clear whether these new suggestions will work with a similar geographic barrier, or whether they will show up when there are upcoming relevant sessions in your local store's calendar.

The new iOS 12.2 Siri recommendations arrive just weeks after the introduction of 58 new Today at Apple sessions. Promoting creativity through Walks, Labs and Skills is at the heart of Apple's experiential strategy. Today, Apple is one of the main drivers of Apple's major investment in upgrading stores around the world. It is therefore logical to make the sessions better known.

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