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Sith Soldier Unveiled During Skywalker Comic-Con's Exclusive Rise

The red Stormtroopers were finally confirmed. Lucasfilm officially unveiled the red Sith Troopers and announced that they would be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con next weekend. Rumors have been circulating about the red soldiers for months, but this is the first time we have seen them officially. A leak Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker The poster shows the red costumes, but many fans think that the poster is a fake. That being said, it has been proven that everything in the revealed poster was true.

Although we have a name and we are looking at the Sith Troopers for the first time, we still do not know anything about them. Madlyn Burkert, Lucasfilm's archivist, said about the appearance of the new troops: "His aesthetic is truly unique." The design is quite unique, but Burkett says, "It has some subtle links with previous stormtrooper designs, which I think fans will love to discover." L & # 39; s Official Star wars The site has published a statement, which you can read below.

"The fans present (San Diego Comic-Con) (July 18-21) will be entitled to a new exhibition of rider armor on the other side of the Star wars saga, including a first glimpse of the next evolution in imperial / first-rate soldiers: the "Sith Soldier" of the next Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker. It's a modern and more menacing look worthy of its name. "

The new Sith Trooper from Skywalker climb will not be the only costume presented at Comic-Con next weekend. Nine different costumes, all used in the films, will be exhibited at the Lucasfilm Pavilion (booth # 2913). Imperial Stormtrooper, TIE pilot, dead soldier, shoretrooper, biker scout, first-rate stormtrooper, first-rate TIE pilot, Captain Phasma and Sith soldier will all be on display during Star wars fans to check.

With the unveiling of the Sith soldier, he will start a lot of speculation among Star wars Fans. One wonders whether they will be sensitive to the Force themselves or whether they will have extra power that separates them from normal Stormtroopers. Immediately, the red color resembles that of Praetorian guards of Supreme Chief Snoke. So there could be a link. Although there are many questions regarding these new troops, one thing is certain: they look rather elegant and deadly.

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Sith Troopers was introduced in the Star Wars video game: The Knights of the Old Republic as infantrymen of the Sith Empire, but they were completely different from the new ones The rise of Skywalker. The Sith Trooper, like many drawings in Star wars history, seems to be another iconic element of the franchise that will be soon. Even though some fans were not in Captain Phasma's character, everyone could agree to say that she looked bold. As we wait for San Diego's Comic-Con next week, you'll be able to visit the Star Wars site and take a look at the new Sith Guards.

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