Six officers who shot the Californian rapper 25 times were victims of a "failed" operation, according to a legal complaint


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By Erik Ortiz

VALLEJO, Calif. – Nearly three weeks after the murder of a rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area after he was found idle in his car with a gun on his lap, lawyers his family filed a lawsuit Thursday stating their "intent to sue and alleging that" the whole operation was spoiled from start to finish. "

The lawsuit against the city of Vallejo indicates that the six officers who shot Willie McCoy, 20, on the night of February 9, were negligent and caused his unjustified death. The Oakland Civil Rights Attorney's Office, John Burris, who represents the family, previously said that Mr. McCoy had been hit about 25 times over the body.

According to the complaint, "the group of six shot Mr. McCoy … at the head, ears, neck, chest, arms, shoulders, hands and back".

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