Sixers 108, Thunder 104: Tobias Harris, the star of Jimmy Butler as the Sixers finally beat the Thunder


Do you know this old adage, practice what you preach?

For Brett Brown, the importance of engaging in a routine is not just something he insists on his young players, it's something he's been living in since he came to Philadelphia.

"Each of my years in Philadelphia, I do the same thing, he said, every game."

From caffeine choices to afternoon joggings and to relaxing evenings, let's take the curtain off the match day for the Sixers head coach.

• •

The morning starts early for Brown. Somewhere between 6 am and 6:30 am, Brown goes to the kitchen for his morning cup of coffee. It is there that he is confronted with his first decision of the morning.

Coffee maker? Or Nespresso?

"Depending on my mood and laziness, I choose one or the other. It's sure the jump starts my personality, "Brown chuckles.

Brown appreciates "every piece" of his two coffees in the morning, just a hint of cream. This is the first of many upcoming rituals for the Sixers head coach in sixth grade.

That's when, when no one is awake, Brown begins to focus on what he wants to do.

Using a space kitchen table as a workspace, Brown opens the Dropbox links of his video coordinators, examining confrontations and different offensive and defensive situations for the evening's adversary, always putting the focus on the end-of-game scenarios

Once his household starts to move, Brown pauses to spend time with his son in the morning before leaving for school.

Then we return to this kitchen table.

Have you ever noticed that piece of white paper with which Brown walks during games? It is this parchment that Brown begins to formulate.

"You start thinking about timeouts, how you're going to get Jimmy's (Butler's) ball, or Joel's (Embiid's) ball, depending on which game you might want to go," said Brown. would be different, for example, when you play OKC or if you play against someone else. "

Sometime before lunch, Brown jumps into his jeep and goes to the Wells Fargo Center, stopping at his office and spreading his stuff on his desk, before going back to the outside.

"I'm going to run, same course, every day," says Brown of his four to five-mile jog, which includes a park near the arena.

Snow, rain, sleet or shine.

Well, except that once …

"I think I missed only one game and that it was a violent one, like a sleet storm," laughs Brown as he receives confirmation from the voice of Sixers Radio, Tom McGinnis.

"Tell him about this time you interviewed Jim Rome while you were running," McGinnis whispers.

Brown even stopped to take a selfie for Rome that day.

"I feel useless if I do not do it. I do it every game, "says Brown proudly, admitting that he really likes running in the snow.

Rumor has it that some even saw Brown running outside with socks on his hands to keep warm.

At 2:30 pm, we're back to work, as all the coaches get together for their coaching meeting. A 15-minute team movie session precedes a 30-minute walk on the field.

Usually, a shower is making its way between the boardwalk and 5:15 pm media availability (sometimes no).

"And if it's national television, you just keep going to other rooms, then I go back to my office."

It's there that Brown "cleans up his world", puts on his costume and adds a last-minute touch to his game day preparations.

"I do not feel as well equipped to do my job as if I'm sticking to that," says Brown about his routine. "I just feel healthy and organized."

Then he crosses the tunnel.

• • •

After the game, after the media availability, after going through the statistics sheets, meeting the coaches and taking food, Brown goes home.

He goes on television – always on world news, usually on the BBC – and tries to relax.

And then, it's that part of his routine that he, like most coaches, can not control.

"The correlation between winning and losing influences sleep the most, but that's part of it," he said, "The night after a defeat, the day after a defeat, it's terrible."

Brown marvels by muttering the idea of ​​waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and replaying games in his mind.

But he would not have done otherwise.

"I am a normal father who loves basketball and will see my children's games. I do not sleep much, he says. I work a lot. And I love what I do. "

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