Sixers beat the Knicks: 3 thoughts of victory

The Sixers are now 15-8 after their 117-91 win over the New York Knicks on Wednesday night.

Here are three thoughts on the victory, as well as another very important thought of the NBA:

Boy, the project is a game of chance

The Knicks are absolutely horrible, but you realize how difficult it is to pick players in the NBA Draft when you look at their starting lineup.

Emmanuel Mudiay was ranked 7th in 2015, Mario Hezonja was ranked 5th in the same project, Noah Vonleh was selected 9th overall in 2014, Enes Kanter was ranked 3rd overall in 2011 and Tim Hardaway Jr was chosen 24th in 2013. 4 The five guys were lottery picks, two of the top five. And they stink.

I will not mention his name, but a former Sixers general manager suggested this because the project was so flawed, so difficult, that to have a real chance to become star players, you need as many as you can selections, the highest in the world. draft possible. The Knicks are the proof.

Embiid took a rest in the second half … but he should have had more

Joel Embiid plays more minutes per game than all other NBA centers except one. We covered more than a quarter of the season and did not get a rest game. Yes, it's the same Joel Embiid as you remember.

If Embiid's MVP season should be appreciated for all that it has been, and if we are to celebrate Joel's performance, we must never take it for granted.

This is for the short term and the long term. If it continues, Embiid is fortunate to be the greatest athlete in the history of Philadelphia. It is important. But what is also important is that he is not gassed at the end of games and at the end of the season. 32 minutes per game instead of 35 minutes per game is a difference of 240 minutes, or about eight full games.

Embiid play 30 minutes tonight was better than 35, but this number could still be lower. I know his dad was in the game, but I'm sure his father as much as anyone wants Joel to have a long and successful career.

In short, some rashes will give them a chance to allow him to breathe a little. To be honest, I do not know why he even had to check in there was 3 minutes left in the third quarter, or 28 points. If we want to scream and shout that the Sixers have "three of the top 20 players", they should be able to finish the Knicks with two of them.

Almost Reverse Dunk by Landry Shamet

Landry Shamet has been a revelation this year. The guy we all thought the Sixers were able to reach in the first round can play. It's awesome!

But when we think of Landry Shamet's contributions, we think of the jumper, we do not think about dunks.

Listen, Shamet missed that dunk reversed in the second quarter, but the fact that he tried it made me so happy.

I do not know much about kicking but …***

I like Kawhi Leonard's hilarious decision to accept New Balance for her sneaker contract. This after Joel Embiid joined Steph Curry under Under Armor. Everyone likes Nike and Adidas, but that brings me back to the good old days of guys who followed their own way with shoes.

Who can give up on Derrick Coleman with British Knights? Our own Mo Cheeks were wearing Ellesse! Patrick Ewing wore … wings.

*** ok, this one did not concern the game of the Sixers.

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