Skull Session: Big Ten Coaches on Ohio State vs. Alabama, Kristina Johnson shows support for the football team, and Mookie Cooper explains his transfer


Don’t mind me, just count the days until Ryan Day dumps Nick Saban in the trash.

Word of the day: Philander.

HOW BUCKEYES ARE AGILE. No one knows the Buckeyes as their Big Ten enemies, and The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman got 11 Big Ten coaches to gauge Ohio State’s odds against Bama.

Most were extremely complimentary – as one should be of a team that just won their fourth straight Bg Ten title – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they pick the Buckeyes to win, either.

Perhaps the most encouraging comment on Ohio State’s odds came from one of the running back coaches who spoke of a team that appears to be reaching its peak at the right time. “They have good players,” he said. “The team that played against Clemson last week was not the team you’ve seen on tape all year.

“I just don’t see them beating Alabama, but I also thought Clemson was going to beat them too.

Hey, how are you. I’m sure Virginia Tech wouldn’t have picked Ohio State to beat Alabama in 2014, either, and we’ve seen how it works.

And you know, I agree. Did the Ohio State that played Penn State, Rutgers or Indiana beat Alabama? Probably not. But Buckeye’s team that played Clemson – that team was rolling Bama like a cheap carpet. Prayer that we see this team.

“STRICTLY COMMERCIAL.” The Buckeyes lost one of the * 10 top 100 player check scores * stored in their reception hall with Mookie Cooper returning to his hometown of Mizzou to end his career.

Being real, the state of Ohio will be fine after he leaves. And obviously so is Mookie.

I can’t even fault a teenager for changing his mind about a decisive decision in a perfect world, let alone one dominated by a global pandemic.

Good luck, Mookie. Go ahead and unload Georgia a few times for me, cool?

PREZ GET IT. Kristina Johnson has been president of the state of Ohio for only seven months, but she continues to absolutely nail the “I care about the football team” part of the job that her predecessor completely neglected.

I’m not sure Michael Drake has attended any football practice during his six years as President.

I understand that the state of Ohio is much bigger than its football team, but it’s extremely refreshing to have a president who understands this sporting issue as well.

POLYNESIAN PLAYER OF THE YEAR. All-Big Ten third-team Haskell Garrett continues to garner praise in the playoffs.

First off, finding out that Zach Wilson was, in fact, Polynesian was the most shocking and surprising thing I saw on Twitter yesterday – and that includes the gentleman dressed as a bald eagle taking selfies in the bedroom. of the Senate. I also appreciate the way they included his (and only his) middle name in an attempt to say “See! He really is Polynesian!”

Second, he might be emerging this year, but I’ve been on the Haskell Garrett hyped band since he posted this extremely badass photo before he even signed up for Ohio State.

The Buckeyes must recruit more Polynesians. Hopefully Haskell opened this pipeline.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Without me” by Eminem.

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