Sharing your office is common, especially during business meetings. However, you will sometimes want to show the screen of your phone to the person you are talking to. This can be especially helpful when you talk to someone who is helping you solve a problem on your device. Unfortunately, most devices do not have an integrated screen sharing option and only a handful of email applications allows you to do this seamlessly. Fortunately, Skype introduces this feature on Android and iOS, making it easy to share screens on all platforms.

Creating insiders from the app adds a sharing screen option in the call menu so you can stream your screen to colleagues, friends or family members. Other popular email applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger or even the Google Duo do not have this feature, which means that Skype is now one of the most convenient ways to stream your screen. Of course, there are many other options for doing this, but I do not see a widely used solution that allows you to make calls and is free. In addition, Skype's cross-platform availability also lets you share your screen with people using iOS, MacOS, or Windows, making it even more relevant.

Before becoming widely available, the feature is only available in the preview version of the application. You can try it in version, which you can download from APK Mirror. Too bad, Google still does not allow you to do that with Duo, especially when you know it's gaining popularity.