Skyrim Mod earns $ 33,000 a month for code theft


For some time now, a development team has been working on publishing a mod called Skyrim Together This would allow players to browse online and browse the Bethesda role play together. And for almost as long, they are accused of stealing code from another team.

The guys behind SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) have for years been in conflict with the Skyrim Together the crew as a result of allegations of code theft, with SKSE even going so far as to write this in the license of their code:

Due to the continued intentional violation of the copyright and the total lack of respect for the controller's label, the Skyrim Online team is not allowed to use these files for whatever purpose.

This of course has not stopped Skyrim Together to work on their project, which accepts support on Patreon and rakes over $ 33,000 per month at the time of posting.

The mod scene is always full of drama, and projects such as mod packs that bundle other people's work and make it look like theirs have always been a source of controversy.

But a mod who earns money from the work of others, when modders tend to do what they do for love and release it for free, is a big problem, as are these accusations. For those who have the technical spirit, they are explained in this thread.

In response, a Skyrim Together Team member posted this comment on Reddit:

"We have had disagreements with SKSE employees in the past, I tried to contact them but they never answered me. So we stopped using their code. Some remnants of code might have been forgotten when we removed it. It is not as simple as deleting a file, mainly our fault, because we have sent some parts of the code. Whatever it is, we will make sure to remove what might have gone through the cracks for the next patch. "

What a SKSE member replied:

So, to be clear, you say that you:

  • started using our code
  • then asked for permission
  • never got permission
  • continued to use it
  • eventually removed part of it again somehow left some of
  • continued to charge access all the time?
  • promise to totally clean up a now corrupt project?

The Patreon page of the Skyrim Together team says that they "hope to publish the first stable version of the mod during the year 2019", but the same Reddit message in which they defended their use of the SKSE code also states: "We are far from a real version, currently the mod is unstable and has many features disabled."

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