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We love our diplomas!

we love our diplomas! Milkos / Getty Images

Seattle is the most educated city in America: It's true, Seattle residents have more college degrees than any other big city. But do not feel too much superior, it's mostly because of the massive influx of technology workers who have flocked here. In total, 63% of Seattle's population over the age of 25 has a university degree. Let's thank Gene Balk for finding the answers to the questions we did not even think about asking.

A Washington state bill would make utilities totally carbon-neutral by 2045: Local environmentalists are for, but utility companies are a little more fearful. No one is completely convinced that the bill will be adopted in its current form, but activists and progressives, who have just lost a big loss on the carbon tax (I-1631, remain at peace), believe that it will grow. public services on the way to decarbonization.

It is important to decarbonize because of the whores of killer whales: Oh, if you like killer whales? But you do not like to pay a little more electricity? Well, you'll have to pick one because killer whales need chinook salmon and chinook salmon have to breed in water that's not incredibly hot. the Seattle weatherLynda V. Mapes, from the Lynx V. Mapes series, wrote the last series on why the killer whales in the Salish Sea are in decline. This section discusses their relationship with chinook salmon, the largest and most nutritious species of salmon.

You do not know how to merge? A state legislator has a plan to change that. This is called zipper merging and it's the easiest thing in the world. Instead of letting everyone mingle with one lane very early and leave the last lane empty, simply use the two lanes until melting and do like a zipper. My roommate gets furious when Seattleians get it wrong – this happens often. The internal bill would ensure that Washington's driver's license tests include a question about merging zippers.

Green paper wins the best movie at the Oscars: And people are not happy. I did not see the movie, so I'll let the LA Times (via our digital publisher Chase Burns)

Free Solo won the best documentary: Damn, I'm a sucker for a beautiful climbing movie. All that Jimmy Chin and his co-director / wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi touch is golden and Free Solo is their masterpiece to this day. Alex Honnold literally climbs the iconic El Capitan of Yosemite with nothing more than a chalk bag and a giant game of cahones. Nobody would go see it in the theaters with me so I saw it myself – $ 13 solo!

Trump promises to organize the world's largest barbecue on July 4th: But knowing him, it will probably be a fireworks show and a table full of DJT merch. It is terribly daring to claim that it will be one of the "greatest gatherings in the history of Washington, DC". It does not exactly have the reputation of attracting crowds to the National Mall (coughing inauguration cough).

Second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un: The president travels to Vietnam to meet the North Korean leader at the time when I write these lines and expectations are low. Great, that's exactly when Trump shines. The first summit was hailed as a huge success, but it did not result in concrete North Korean denuclearization projects. Do not get me wrong, it's much better than promising "fire and fury," but without tough negotiations on their nuclear program, we would remain in a dangerous stalemate.

French boy brings measles to Costa Rica free of measles: The Central American country has been free from measles since 2014, but an unvaccinated Frenchman brought him back during his vacation. Now they are struggling to find anyone who could have made contact with him. This is not an American problem alone. But Costa Rica seems to have its shit together; they have not had domestic measles cases since 2006.

Seattle's best entertainment options tonight include: A projection of sorry to disturb you at Central Cinema, Town Love Hiphop Awards and an old – fashioned steak dinner with West Seattle Brewing.

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