Smash Bros Sora Mod Does What Nintendon Does Not

A leading modder in the fighting game community, Mastaklo, has created a Smash bros Sora mod. Mod uses Shulk’s move set to add Sora as an Echo Fighter to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Mastaklo’s latest creation is currently only available to Patreon members, but they will release it to the public on February 19, 2021.

The latest mod can feel like putting a label on Super Smash Bros Ultimate that says “With Sora de la Kingdom Hearts series. “The creator has done everything to refine the look and sound of the fighter. Smash Bros The Sora mod is based on his Kingdom Hearts 3 appearance, with voice clips used from games. Additionally, Sora’s keyblades even change their cosmetic appearance to recognizable weapons from the series. Thanks to the artist’s efforts, fans can now recreate the secret boss fight from Kingdom Hearts in Smash if they have the correct DLC.

Check out the footage and gameplay video below of Sora in action.

Mastaklo is a leading 2D / 3D artist and moderator in the community. Mainly focusing on fighting games, their website hosts all their efforts. For Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they created mods for Goku, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles and even Spider ManVenom. Apart from Smash bros, they have creations for Dragon ball games and Jump force. The site and Patreon invite fans to order a mod.

Mastaklo Smash bros The Sora mod will be released to the public on February 19, 2021. Those interested should remember that these aren’t officially supported by Nintendo – you don’t want your Switch to be Norted.

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