Snake eggs can be found in the new Fortnite volcano


Hidden eggs were found under Polar Peak in Season 7, but nothing was done for them all season. Now the eggs have appeared again in season 8.

As part of Fortnite Season 8, the map underwent a major overhaul.

New points of interest have appeared, but the biggest change is probably the giant volcano that is now on the map.

This volcano also holds secrets that could hint at what could happen in Season 8 in the future.

Snake eggs have been found inside the volcano, suggesting that these eggs will play a role as the season progresses.

Donald Mustard teased the theory of the egg when one of the season 8 teasers revealed that something was going on.

If you enter the volcano, you can currently see a nest of snake eggs.

It is possible that more of them will appear as the season progresses or more people start looking for them.

What impact do you think these eggs will have on the future of Season 8? Let us know in the comments.

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