Snakes, snakes everywhere! – Big Brother Network

In Big Brother 21 on Sunday night, the theme was snakes. There were snakes in the Whacktivity Comp, Jackson and Kat, and Bella, her all-girl alliance.

The episode filled with snakes was resumed after the HOH competition and guests headed to Camp Comeback to catch up with David and Ovi.

It's Camp Comeback who has most upset Jackson because it's him who sent David to the door and let Ovi believe they would help him save him. Kathryn tells him that they must have David on their side. Jackson tells David that he will not blame him if he has negative feelings, but he prepared him to win this first contest and was shocked at not winning. David does not buy what Jackson sells. Jackson goes to Ovi to see if he is luckier.

And of course, Ovi is so out of touch with this game that he buys what Jackson sells. Ovi tells us that the power he has won in the Whactivity Comp is not dead, but remains dormant until he returns to the match.

But Nicole decides to tell Ovi that Jack and Jackson blew him a lot of smoke while he was trying to stay home. Ovi could finally realize that the guys have played it and played it loud. In the newspaper room, he lets us know that he feels betrayed by the guys and that he must now rethink everything that will happen if he goes back into the game.

This is the time for the Whacktivity Comp. This week's players are Tommy, Jackson, Jack, Sam and Holly. Tommy is the first and he finds a lot of snakes. For this competition, players must find a snake that matches each of the three snakes in certain cages. The HG who equalizes the three snakes in the fastest time wins the competition and the power. One by one, the others parade quickly. Finally, it's Jack who won the contest. Let's see what's the power this time around. This power of Chaos gives him the power to make a new veto. It has nothing to do with Ovi's power. It is one of the most lame powers of recent seasons.

Jack decides to tell no one that he has won the power, not even his alliance.

Big Brother has a special surprise for the players. The television lights up and it's Winston, Brett, Bayleigh and Swaggy for a glimpse of Love Island. The former BB20 member informed them that the next edition of the Veto will include a trip for two to Fiji.

And speaking of Love Island, it's time for BB to impose even more shows. Jackson lets us know that Kat is just a burden to him, but that there is real potential for Holly. He thinks she is attractive and part of her alliance. Kat introduces herself as Holly and Jackson are in the hammock and things go wrong. And then Jackson turns to Jack to suggest to Kat to get on the block.

Jackson decides to have "the conversation" with Kat. He decides not to be quite direct with her and instead tells him that he just does not want to be seen as a duo or a showmance. Kat tells him he's paying more attention to Holly than she does, so why do you think it's a pair? He tells her that it does not matter and that it concerns them both.

Meanwhile, Bella, Jessica, Kemi and Nicole decide to form a girls' alliance. Jessica thinks it may be the season when girls can beat men at their games. They decide to make their alliance the Black Widows. How long will this alliance last? Well, you know it's almost always happening … Bella immediately warns us in the Dominican Republic that she will not be relying on these girls to help her get out of the game. So, he was dead even before he died. Really started. And to make that happen, Bella tells Jack about the whole alliance.

And with that, the focus is now on the candidates. Who will Jack target? He has already set his sights on Kemi and Jessica, so after the information he got from Bella, it's pretty obvious. At the naming ceremony, it's Kemi and Jessica that he puts on the block.

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