SNEAK PEEK: Details about Galaxy & # 39; s Edge stores and merchandise !! (Yeah … you want to see that.)

Good guys, Disney just dropped tons of information on Galaxy's Edge including information on all new restaurants and the incredible Rise of the Resistance (check out the details here!), but for now, we are here for everything we have to bring home! Let's see all CRAZY merchandise available at Black Spire outpost!!

We will start in Stall of creatures of Bina where you can take a new pet to accompany your trip across the galaxy.

Galaxys Edge Plush Creatures

You can shop for these adorable stuffed toys surrounded by life-size animated versions in cages and aquariums around the store.

The next step is Mubo's Droid Depot where you can create your own droid in an assembly line style format where you can build your droid and give it a certain personality. There will be two basic models – the R unit (like our friend R2-D2) or a BB unit like BB-8.

Galaxys Edge Droid Depot

These droids are all the size of a toaster, but larger scale droids circulate in the store as you create your new friend.

Toydarian Toyshop

On the Toydarian Toyshop, Led by Zabecca the Toydarian, you will find plenty of soft toys and action figures.

Plush Galaxys Edge

All the toys here will have an artisanal feel and the shop will also contain musical instruments that you may have seen in Star Wars movies, such as the clarinet played at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

The Den of Antiquities of Dok-Ondar

Dok-Ondar shares his collection of rare antiques with guests of Black Spire Outpost, including Jedi and Sith artifacts.

Galaxys Edge Merchandise

This booth will also contain holocron cubes, or Jedi archives, and historic lightsabers for us, the earthlings to take home to remember our intergalactic journey.

Galaxys Edge Holocron Cubes

Guests will also be able to build their own high-end lightsabers – totally different from the plastic swords we're used to – with price from about 150 $ for a complete lightsaber.

Blackspire Outpost Fashion

First Order members will hold their own booth at Blackspire Outpost, selling helmets, newspapers and bottled water.

Galaxys Edge Merchandise

The Resistance will open its own store on the other side of Galaxy's Edge with other Star Wars-inspired clothing options, including new pins, badges and hats.

Galaxys Edge Merchandise

Galaxys Edge Merchandise

All this merchandise has SO can not wait for Galaxy's Edge to open at Disneyland this summer and at Walt Disney World this fall. Where will you stop first?

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