'SNL' skewers Lori Loughlin College Admissions Scandal; Michael Keaton Cameos as Julian Assange – Deadline

For the second week in a row, Saturday Night Live took a break from an open cold with Trump. This week she also fled politics, with the exception of Pete Davidson as Michael Avenatti in an episode of MSNBC blocking. In a prison cell at the Chino Correctional Center, we met three prisoners incarnated by Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson and Kyle Mooney. As the three speak of what lies ahead, it quickly becomes a fight over who is the best of the bad guys when it comes to their criminal charges – and Kate McKinnon calls herself Lori Loughlin. The dynamic changes as she says, "You think it's crazy? I paid $ 500,000 for my daughter to go to USC.

Her three cellmates are disconcerted because she claims to be a "loco". Thompson, incredulous and embarrassed, asks, "Wait! You paid US $ 500,000 for USC ?! "

"That does not include the $ 300 I spent on tuition!" She says.

Things get worse quickly when Redd calls "Aunt Becky". She goes out a shiv and reveals that she has joined the Nation of Islam. Despite everything, they claim she can not survive a week.

"You think prison is difficult? I shot 68 Hallmark movies – I saw hell, dude, "she says. "In half of these movies, I marry Santa's son, I lost all sense of reality."

From there, it becomes a Cameo of headlines of the week claiming how crazy they are – including the aforementioned Davidson, Avenatti, who said: "I'm so suspicious, a porn star has already stated that she had to distance herself from me! "

Then, Michael Keaton, bearded, in the role of Julian Assange, explaining how crazy he is: "I'm wanted in the United States and Sweden. I come from Australia and I live in London in Ecuador – you try to understand it. "

He continued: "I attacked the US Army, sluts. I'm a real supervillain James Bond – and I'm about to destroy the damn moon! "

To add color (figuratively and literally), Melissa Villasenor acts as a shameful rapper, Tekashi69, at the head of this motley crew of prison cells in madness.

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