SNL's momo meme spoof is both hilarious and terrifying


The lifetime of the meme looks pretty much like this: an obscure post somewhere on the corner of the Internet, an informed user on another platform pulling the image and republishing it, the good account broadcasting the newly created creation, more than retweets, frenzy, remixes of indignation and fear of parents, a retweet of Kim Kardashian, a cycle of national news trying to unveil what just happened, then a Saturday Night Live sketch.

So jump in the champagne: the explosion of Momo in 2019 may be finally over.

This weekend, SNL Put Kate McKinnon under a wizarding makeup to become a living replica of Momo, the chicken-legged, wide-eyed creature, currently at the center of a hoax on YouTube. Unfamiliar? See.

The artist Keisuke Aisawa originally created Momo – or, as the statue called – "Mother Bird", for the Japanese company special effects Link Factory, whose first images of gallery were collected in 2016. Three years later, the horror is at the rendezvous. extreme panic. Rumor has it that Momo started appearing in harmless videos for kids to encourage kids to commit suicide. The bad joke has degenerated through social media, forcing YouTube to remedy the situation. The company has also demonetized all video with Momo.

As explains, the "Momo Challenge" is another hysteria access born from the confusion of the YouTube / Internet culture and the immediacy of social media to react to the possibility of Such an epidemic. Instead of proving that the videos were real, the loudest voices on the internet have called for action. Life – and Momo – comes to you quickly.

the Saturday Night Live Parody is a breath of fresh air after the news cycle of children's pounding and thinking. What does Momo have to do with a chicken restaurant? Feel free to think about it: Kate McKinnon looks hilarious in costume and chicken costume.

Look at the complete sketch above and say goodbye to Momo for the moment – at least until three years from now, when a random user of TikTok swears that Momo is hiding in your closest friend and come to your place.

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