A Wisconsin sheriff's department publishes videos and stills as well as 911 recordings that reflect a chaotic scene during a 131-vehicle pileup (February 27).

Mars will definitely come in like a lion in the next few days.

First, a winter storm will blow 2,500 km of snow from Friday to Monday, from California to Maine.

The snow will begin late Friday in California and the central Rockies, then in the central plains and west-central Saturday, Weather Channel announced. On Sunday, the system will strengthen and spread the Missouri snow to the state of New York.

Some of the heaviest snow in the storm is likely to fall when it reaches the northeast late Sunday and Monday.

In addition, this weekend, a "record" and fierce airwind will invade the central United States Saturday on Sunday, then the northeastern and southern United States early next week, announced the National Weather Service.

How cold? Sunday morning, some areas of the northern Plains will see chills of nearly 55 degrees below freezing. According to the forecast weather service, some areas could post record temperatures for the month of March all the time.

The weather service described the cold as "dangerous". In parts of Montana, it will be the coldest temperatures of the entire winter season, with actual temperatures going down to 40 degrees below. The cold level will also be more typical from late January to early March.

Minneapolis could see a high temperature of just 2 degrees on Sunday.

Temperatures near freezing will then spread as far south as Florida early next week.

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