Soap Alun, Beverley Owen, of "The Munsters", died at the age of 81.


A former actress loses her fight against cancer. is sad to say that former soap opera star Beverley Owen died at the age of 81. Polly Stone, Owen's daughter, told TMZ that her mother had died on February 21 at her home in Vermont, surrounded by friends and family members, after a battle with cancer from l & # 39; ovary. Owen was diagnosed in January 2017 but would have chosen to keep his state of confidentiality.

University of Michigan undergraduate Sanford Meisner, who developed the Meisner technique, taught as a substitute teacher, and is married to Jon Stone, writer and director, winner of an Emmy Award. from 1967 to 1974, known for creating it Sesame Street characters such as Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. They had two girls together, Polly and Kate.

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Owens's first soap opera was on As the world turns in 1961, where she made a stint like Linda Elliot, and she appeared later on The doctors in 1963, as well as Another worldon which she played Dr. Paula McCrea in the early 1970s. The actress also appeared on Kraft Mystery Theater, Train of Wagons, and The virginiansbut was best known for her role as Marilyn Munster in the long TV series, The munstersAlthough she left after the first season to get married. Butch Patrick, who plays Eddie Munster, spoke about social media to remember his late actor and said, "The beautiful Beverly Owen has passed away. What a sweet soul. I had the biggest crush on her. RIP Bev and thank you for your 13 memorable episodes of Marilyn Munster. " extends its condolences to the family and friends of Beverley Owen.


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