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Social Media Celebrity Status Report for May 16, 2019

Yesterday, I approached Kelly Ripa and the men of bachelorette franchise having words on social media – something about them taking a credit for his paycheck. Kelly Ripa did not answer, nor did her network, ABC. But Ellen Pompeo, star of one of ABC's most prestigious, long-running, money-making shows, has had the time. She had all the time in the world.

The legends of Karlie Kloss (or as she will probably call them, "kaptions") must be removed.

SJP has a lot of capital, professionally and personally. The publication of this query from National Enquirer works for this reason – we know that it does not control the damage because there is an element of trust here. The details are so vague: a "screaming match" that has spilled over into the street, with "sources" close enough to hear what they were arguing about. In 2019, if two celebrities have a "screaming match" over the street and the witnesses are close enough to hear it, why is it that nobody took out their phone to film it? ? GOING. This is neglected and lame, even for the investigator. Not only is this offensive for their marriage, but also for providers of good gossip.

ARod loves JLo as much as he wears a button shirt under a sweater.

Why do celebrities agree to pitch the first pitch in baseball games? It seems both terrifying and clumsy, with a high potential to become viral for the wrong reasons. Being able to throw a ball so far is a skill.

I saw the story of this on Sarah's Twitter feed – Martin Scorsese is obsessed with the "youthful" process of his film, The Irishman, and uses it for DeNiro, Pesci, Pacino and Keitel. I'm not Martin Scorsese, but it seems like an extremely risky and tedious process if you can choose younger people for these roles.

Last night, Gwyneth teased the "goopfellas" in her Instagram story. I have so many questions – is it about print magazine or digital publishing? Is it a single business or a new vertical? Will it include business items like vitamins and the $ 800 "perfect" shirt? And finally, is "goopfellas" supposed to be a game about Goodfellas?
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