Social worker fears her mother's violence during a shootout in Kent County

SOLON TWP, Mich. (WILX) – Only a few months before she and her three children were found dead by gunshot, a social worker filed a report stating that Aubrianne Moore, 28, was being held in a mental hospital.

Moore's body was found Monday at his boyfriend's home in Solon Township, Kent County.

Investigators on Tuesday discovered a second crime scene nearby, where Moore's daughters Alania, 2, Cassidy, 6, and Kyrie, 8, were killed.

Family members say Moore killed the girls before committing suicide.

News 10 has since learned that Moore had been hospitalized in Greenville last September.

Meanwhile, a social worker filed a motion with the court to have Moore placed in a psychiatric facility.

It is not known why Moore was treated at this time.

Family members also told WOOD-TV that efforts were being made to remove the children from Moore's custody.


Family members identified the four bodies found in northern Kent County on Monday afternoon.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office stated that the victims were a woman and three children. The family members identify Aubrienne Moore, a 28-year-old woman, and her three daughters aged 8, 6 and 2 years.

Investigators say the evidence at the scene suggests that some of the children and the woman may have been killed elsewhere.

Police and volunteers spent Tuesday searching for a second crime scene near the house.

"It's a very meticulous process, it will take a while before we have updates, obviously there will be a forensic pathologist involved and an autopsy, and we hope that additional information on the identification will be made. provided after that, "said Michelle, Kent County Sheriff, LaJoye-Young.

The sheriff's office does not confirm the identity of the victims until the autopsies are complete.

The detectives hope that anyone living in the area will be able to help by returning the home security surveillance video.


Three children and a woman were shot dead Monday afternoon in northern Kent County.

The four bodies were found in a house northeast of Kent City, said Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young.

Authorities use to identify the bodies and have not confirmed the relationship between the four.

"Very sad, very, very sad," said LaJoye-Young. "It was very difficult for our investigators and for the community as well."

The sheriff's department said the children had the age to go to elementary school and were younger.

The names of the victims will be published after autopsies, according to an article by WOOD.

The sheriff said that an investigation into the property would suggest another crime scene where some of the victims may have been killed. According to WOOD, they do not know exactly where this second crime scene is.

She stated that there was no threat to the public and that the authorities did not think that a gunman was fleeing.

The sheriff's office is requesting the submission of surveillance cameras aimed at the road to help investigators track traffic around the property.

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